Businesses that require the transportation of goods from one location to the other will often rely on the use of cargo vans from Carl’s Van Rentals. Our vans offer a practical solution for moving products and equipment in a cost-efficient way. While operating a van may seem like a simple task, there are certain dos and don’ts of driving a cargo van that all renters should be aware of to ensure safety.

The Dos and Don'ts of Driving a Cargo Van

Do Inspect the Vehicle before Driving

Before driving a cargo van for business purposes, inspecting the vehicle for any mechanical issues that may compromise road safety is crucial. Check tire pressure, brakes, lights, and wipers. Also, ensure that the cargo is secured correctly and does not pose a risk during transportation.

Don’t Overload Your Cargo Van

Overloading a cargo van is the most common mistake that renters make. Doing so compromises your safety and makes it difficult to control the vehicle. It’s best to know the cargo van’s weight capacity and not to exceed it. Also, ensure you distribute the weight evenly to avoid imbalanced weight distribution.

Do Adjust Your Driving Style

Driving a cargo van is different from driving a regular car, and it requires extra attention. For instance, you must be mindful of the van’s length, height, and weight. Also, your stopping distance may be longer, so keep a safe following distance. Additionally, avoid sudden lane changes or abrupt maneuvers, especially when driving on windy roads.

Don’t Drive in Tired or Distracted States

As a driver, you must be alert and conscious of your surroundings. Driving a cargo van requires more effort, as your vehicle is larger and heavier than a car. Avoid driving when feeling exhausted or under the influence of any substances that may impair your driving ability.

Do Secure Your Cargo

Securing your cargo is essential when transporting goods or equipment. Ensure you secure your load correctly to avoid falls or shifting during transportation. Use straps, ropes, or bungee cords to keep the cargo in place, especially when driving on rough or uneven roads.

Don’t Ignore Traffic Laws

Lastly, observing all traffic laws when driving a cargo van for business is essential. These include speed limits, stop signs, traffic signals, and yield signs. Always drive defensively, anticipate other drivers’ moves, and react accordingly to avoid accidents.

Do Rent from Carl’s

Driving a cargo van from Carl’s Van Rentals for business can be cost-efficient to transport goods and equipment. However, it requires extra attention to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road. While we ensure your van is clean and running smoothly, you should keep these dos and don’ts of driving a cargo van in mind. These suggestions also apply to our Sprinters and minivans. Have more questions? Call our Tampa, FL, team today at (813) 872-7111.