Make the Most of May in Orlando

It’s no secret that May offers perfect weather for a trip to Orlando, complete with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures without all the heat and humidity of the summer. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer the perfect way to get into and all around the city and its world-class theme parks and other attractions. Our convenient Orlando location offers plenty of affordable rental options perfect for solo travelers, business travelers, family vacationers, and everyone else in between. Here’s a … Continued

Rent a Van in the Tampa Bay Area

Looking for a fun, affordable place for your upcoming summer vacation? The thriving Tampa Bay Area has a little bit of something for everyone. From acclaimed beaches to world-class theme parks, outstanding museums to top-rated restaurants and shops, the Tampa Bay Area is bursting with things to see and do. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, our competitively priced, top-quality rental vans offer the perfect way to navigate the Tampa Bay Area with ease during your stay. Here’s a brief look … Continued

Plan Your Visit to the Sunfest 2018 Festival

Sunfest, West Palm Beach’s biggest arts and music festival, is just around the corner. The 3-day celebration of music, culture, art, and more will feature a wide array of popular music acts that will offer a little bit of something for everyone, including rock, hip-hop, reggae, funk, EDM, and much more. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, our affordable, comfortable, and convenient van rentals are the perfect way to reach Sunfest on-time without breaking your budget. Here’s just a quick look … Continued

Plan Your Orlando Vacation Today

It’s no secret that Orlando is one of the world’s premier vacation destinations. Although it’s still springtime right now, summer is right around the corner. That means it’s time to start to finally get your long-planned dream vacation to Orlando underway. The city really does have something for everyone to enjoy, from world-class theme parks to interesting museums and parks to plenty of hidden gems all around. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer a convenient and affordable way to … Continued

Jacksonville: Florida’s Hidden Gem

Despite being the largest city in Florida in terms of city population, Jacksonville has often been overshadowed as a visitor destination by Miami, Orlando, the Tampa Bay Area, and other parts of the state. However, the secret about Jacksonville, with its rich array of cultural attractions and outstanding shopping and dining opportunities, has truly gotten out in recent years. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, our Jacksonville location offers a vast selection of comfortable, affordably priced van and jeep rentals to … Continued

A Look at Orlando’s Theme Parks

It’s no secret that Orlando is the theme parks capital of the world. From the world-famous Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort to SeaWorld Orlando and even more in between, the Orlando area is simply packed with great world-class theme parks to discover any time of the year. Whether you’re visiting with your family, friends, solo, or anyone else, the city’s celebrated theme parks always offer an unforgettable experience. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, our affordably priced, dependable van … Continued

Plan Your Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

For students and families of all ages, spring break is right around the corner. It goes without saying that sunny, beautiful Fort Lauderdale stands out as one of the premier spring break destinations in the entire country. You certainly don’t need to be into the party scene nowadays to enjoy this vibrant city. In fact, Fort Lauderdale offers plenty of great attractions and events for visitors of all ages and backgrounds looking to enjoy spring break with their friends, family, … Continued

Relax in Orlando

When most people think of Orlando, they obviously think of its celebrated theme parks such as Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando Resort. But, just a few miles away from these iconic theme parks, another Orlando lies just waiting to be discovered. This Orlando offers relaxing, leisurely, low-key attractions and sites of interest to enjoy all throughout the year, including parks, golf courses, museums, and much more to enjoy. At Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer the most convenient, affordable, and … Continued

Explore Miami in Your Rental Van

Looking for a fun getaway this winter? There’s no better place to head than the vibrant, sun-soaked beaches of beautiful Miami. This diverse, dynamic city offers everything you’d ever want for a wintertime retreat: sunny beaches, perfect weather, great food, and much to see and do. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer the perfect way to get into and all around this sunny city with our wide array of affordable, high-quality rental vans. From beaches and museums to vibrant … Continued

Rent a Van for Your Tampa Visit

Tampa, with its beautiful weather, wealth of entertainment options, museums, cultural attractions, and large variety of special events throughout the year is always a fantastic place to visit. If you’re looking to escape to a sunny, vibrant destination this winter, this city should definitely be at the top of your list. At Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer a vast selection of affordable rental vans in the Tampa Bay area at very affordable prices. Whether you’re staying for a day, a … Continued