Shopping in Jacksonville, FL

Ready to do some serious shopping during your visit to Jacksonville, FL? Well, you’re in luck. No matter what kind of shopper you are, Jacksonville has something just for you. Our staff at Carl’s Van Rentals put together this list of a few of our favorite shopping spots.

Experience Discovery Cove in Orlando

Orlando is full of theme parks, but you will never experience one quite like Discovery Cove. At Carl’s Van Rentals, we’re all for the traditional Disney experience, but are you looking for something unique, interactive, and pretty much amazing? Then look into Discovery Cove. Here’s what it’s all about.

4 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Miami

Miami, Florida has opportunity for fun around every corner. However, doing “all the things” can really add up. Unless you have an endless vacation budget, you likely need to find some activities that don’t cost your life savings. The good news is that you’re in luck. Our crew here at Carl’s Van Rentals of Miami has put together this short list of fun, budget-friendly activities you can enjoy.

Rent a Van in West Palm Beach

You’ve planned every detail of your West Palm Beach getaway, and you’re ready for days and days of nothing but sand, sun, and shore. However, you still need to do one last thing: Rent a van. Well, all you Palm Beach travelers are in luck because Carl’s Van Rentals has just what you need.

Visit the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL

Voted one of the top aquariums in the country, the Florida Aquarium is a must-see destination when visiting Tampa, FL. Whether you’re in town on business or for a family vacation, our staff at Carl’s Van Rentals thinks you’ll enjoy a day at this local attraction.

Orlando Welcomes YBOA National Championship

Carl’s Van Rentals and the rest of Orlando is proud to welcome the Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) and its teams, players, and fans for the 2017 National Championship. We’re excited to be the host city for what is sure to be a momentous event for these young players from across the United States.

A Day Away at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

Fort Lauderdale is full of some great attractions and, of course, great beaches. But one of the most popular destinations that Carl’s Van Rentals customers love to visit is Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.About the ParkOpen daily from 5 a.m. to midnight, the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park is a great place to bring your family or just your lounge chair and a book. It offers beautiful sand and ocean front as well as several amenities, such asRestrooms and outdoor showersPicnic tables … Continued

Eating Out in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re in Jacksonville for business or for the ol’ family vacation, you likely want to enjoy some top-notch local cuisine. Our crew at Carl’s Van Rentals have put together this list of restaurants that are worth a try. We’ve categorized them by time of day to help you narrow down the restaurant you are looking for. Note that this list isn’t all-inclusive, but we tried to pick some good ones for you.