Choose Turo for Your Jacksonville Car Rental

For years, Carl’s Van Rentals has been the premier vehicle rental agency of choice for the Jacksonville area, offering a wide array of quality van rentals to choose from, especially minivans and passenger vans. Now, we’ve teamed up with Turo, a flexible, reliable, and affordable car sharing service that makes getting around Jacksonville a breeze. Here’s all you need to know about Turo, and what Jacksonville has to offer for your next visit.

Visit Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach with HyreCar

Carl’s Van Rentals is very proud to offer a wide selection of affordable, dependable van rentals in the Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach areas, particularly our spacious minivans and reliable passenger vans. In addition, we’ve recently partnered with HyreCar to make getting around the Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach areas very simple, affordable, and hassle-free. But exactly how does HyreCar work? Here’s all you need to know about the HyreCar rideshare service, plus some useful information on beautiful Port Canaveral … Continued

Explore Fort Lauderdale with a Fetch Rideshare

When it comes to fun winter getaways, nowhere is better than beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we’re proud to offer a wide array of van rentals, particularly minivans and passenger vans, all at great prices. We also offer affordable, reliable rideshare services with Fetch to make getting into and all around Fort Lauderdale especially simple and convenient. Here’s more information about Fetch, and all that the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale has to offer for a … Continued

Why Choose Orlando for Your Next Vacation?

With winter coming up very soon, few people are thinking about planning their next summer getaway. However, now’s the perfect time to start planning your upcoming summer vacation, as flights and hotel rooms are cheap and plentiful. But where to go? When it comes to summer vacations, Orlando is always a fantastic destination thanks to its beautiful weather, world class theme parks, and family-friendly attractions. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer a wide selection of affordable, reliable rental vans … Continued

Warm Up in West Palm Beach This Winter

Winter is coming much sooner than most of us will admit. That means cold weather, dreary days and nights, and more snow, rain, and sleet than just about any of us cares to think about! So why not take a winter vacation in Florida to escape the cold, harsh weather that will soon arrive? And there’s no better place than beautiful, sunny West Palm Beach! Carl’s Van Rentals is proud to offer a wide selection of van rentals at very … Continued

Enjoy a Fall Getaway in Tampa

Autumn, as always, brings chilly weather and great skies to many parts of the U.S., making many people long for summer. So where should you go for a fun and memorable fall getaway? Look no further than the sunny, beautiful Tampa Bay Area. Indeed, the Tampa Bay Area, in addition to its sunny weather, plays host to a wide array of attractions to explore, including some of the premier theme parks in the United States. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, … Continued

Warm Up in Sunny Miami in the Cooler Months

Both autumn and winter are coming up fast. When the weather cools off, there’s only one place to head: beautiful and sun-soaked Miami. The city, known for its vibrant culture and sunny beaches, is the premier fall and winter destination in the U.S., offering a little bit of something for everyone. Carl’s Van Rentals, as always, offers the best way to get into and all around the Miami area economically and conveniently. Here’s a quick look at what we have … Continued

Plan a Fort Lauderdale Family Vacation Today

Once known almost entirely as a spring break destination for the college crowd, the Fort Lauderdale of today offers a superb destination for families. The city, with its wealth of cultural attractions, celebrated beaches, and rich array of shops and restaurants, always offers a top location for families looking for a fun and affordable getaway, especially now that the weather is cooling off. Here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we offer a huge selection of affordable, dependable van rentals to help … Continued

Escape Autumn in Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach

It’s that time of year again: fall. The time for colder air, rainier weather, and less sunlight. So why not escape the autumn to some of Florida’s premier fall getaway destinations? Both Port Canaveral and nearby Cocoa Beach offer everything from gorgeous beaches to superb museums to a wealth of shops, restaurants, and nightlife spots to discover. As always, Carl’s Van Rentals is the way to go to get there affordably and conveniently. Here’s a quick look at what both … Continued

Escape the Cold: Head to Sunny Jacksonville This Winter

Winter is coming!For millions of people, that means it’s the perfect time for a fun and leisurely winter getaway in Florida. While the state offers a host of great cities in which to escape winter such as Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, don’t overlook the state’s largest city, Jacksonville. While sometimes passed over in favor of better known destinations, Jacksonville in fact offers a wealth of great attractions to discover, beautiful weather, and abundant sunshine, even during the dead of … Continued