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12 customer reviews
Average rating:5

5 StarsVery good experience.

Name: Bryan T.
Date: 4/26/2017
Couldn’t ask for an easier rental. Everything was handled well and communication was very good. Equipment was new and clean. Would highly re… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsSatisfied Customer!

Name: Katherine V.
Date: 4/21/2017
We rented a vehicle from Carl’s Van Rentals and were quite satisfied. They were fairly flexible and was able to accommodate our needs. It turned out that one of the vans that they had promised us wasn’t actually available at the time. But they gave u… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsI Would Use Them Anytime!

Name: Larry G.
Date: 4/12/2017
I have used Carl’s Van Rentals several times and I would give them a 10 if I could! They are always really professional! They make sure I get what I need right when I need it! The pricing is always right. They are a pleasure to work with. Everything … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsHighly Recommend Carl's Van Rentals!!!

Name: Mike F.
Date: 1/24/2017
Every time I use Carl’s Van Rentals, the experience only gets better! I have yet to have any issues with their service and they’re always very responsive and accommodating to all request. I … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsNo Hassles

Name: Jeffrey B.
Date: 1/6/2017
The people at Carl’s Van Rental were awesome. Everything went great. I even left more gas in the van than when I got it. There were no hassles, everything went smoothly and the prices were fair. They were recommended to me by a friend and I will … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsThey Treat You Like Family.

Name: Carlos C.
Date: 1/5/2017
I thought that Carl’s Van Rentals were excellent. I thought their product and their service was very good. They have personalized service and they are very thoughtful and pay attention tot he customer needs. I have used them several times and they ha… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsGreat Service, Very Convenient

Name: Rahul P.
Date: 11/21/2016
I’ve been using Carl’s Van Rentals for a while. Every time I schedule, they always cater to me. They help me with everything. They already know by now what I’m looking for, since I use their services so often. Every time I go in, it’s always good, … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsI Was Satisfied with Every Aspect of It!

Name: dwight m.
Date: 10/21/2016
I was very happy with the service Carl’s Van Rentals provided and the quality of their v… (Read Full Review)