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49 customer reviews
Average rating:5

5 StarsHappy With The Service

Name: Daniel F.
Date: 3/9/2018
I recently used Carl’s Van Rentals for the first time to rent a 50-passenger van. I was down in Florida for an event and I needed service from this company for convenience. I like that the van was clean and well-maintained. I thought that everyone wh… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsGo to Carl's, They Take Care of You

Name: Kirk J.
Date: 3/6/2018
I have a semi pro football team, and I rent from Carl’s Van Rentals every time we go out of town. I’ve been using them for about two years, and I really appreciate their customer service. They really care about how they treat you. It’s not like, just… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsFantastic Customer Service!

Name: Patrick P.
Date: 2/5/2018
This was my first time using Carl’s Van Rentals. I needed a van on a Sunday and Car’s was extremely accommodating. I needed a cargo van on a Sunday and they were very accommodating having someone meet me on their day off! They went out of their way … (Read Full Review)

4 StarsGood Vans

Name: Flor N.
Date: 11/21/2017
I have used Carl’s Van Rentals several years. Their vans are great for my personal use and I have no complaints. Their staff is friendly and their pricing is fair. They are easy to schedule with and are responsive. I will continue to use them and wou… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsExcellent Service!

Name: Danielle M.
Date: 11/2/2017
I have only used the services of Carl’s Van Rentals once, but I would definitely go back there if I needed! They were great. The whole process was very easy. The pricing they offered was affordable. Plus they were at a good location. Their customer … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsHighly Recommend Carl's Van Rentals!!!

Name: Mike F.
Date: 1/24/2017
Every time I use Carl’s Van Rentals, the experience only gets better! I have yet to have any issues with their service and they’re always very responsive and accommodating to all request. I … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsEverything went great. Good service.

Name: Jeffrey B.
Date: 1/6/2017
The people at Carl’s Van Rental were awesome. Everything went great. I even left more gas in the van than when I got it. There were no hassles, everything went smoothly and the prices were fair. They were recommended to me by a friend and I will … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsExcellent, personalized service and they treat you like family.

Name: Carlos C.
Date: 1/5/2017
I thought that Carl’s Van Rentals were excellent. I thought their product and their service was very good. They have personalized service and they are very thoughtful and pay attention tot he customer needs. I have used them several times and they ha… (Read Full Review)

4 StarsOkay, could be better

Name: John P.
Date: 12/5/2016
The branch of Carl’s Van Rentals that I rented from was under staffed. They took a long time to get my vehicle ready. They were friendly, but mostly understaffed. I had to help them remove one of the seats from the back of the van I was renting to ma… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsEasy. No complications and great customer service.

Name: Judith O.
Date: 11/11/2016
Carl’s Van Rentals is great. Everything went smoothly. There were no complications when we got there and the car that was available and ready for us so the customer service was amazing and the process was easy and simple. It was very cost effective … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsVery happy

Name: Nadeem H.
Date: 10/12/2016
I am very happy with my experience with the people over at Carl’s Van Rentals. Everything went so smooth and easy it was just very nice. I thought that the toll charge might have been a little high but it was not too bad so I am ok. It was a very … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsPainless and economical!

Name: Sal C.
Date: 8/12/2016
I absolutely give Carl’s Van Rentals 5 out of 5 stars! The quality of service I receive every time is amazing. I was told up front everything I would need to bring, and they even expedited the paperwork so I could get on my way quickly. They always … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsExcellent Service!

Name: Michael G.
Date: 8/2/2016
I heard about Carl’s Van Rentals from a word of mouth. It was an easy process to get my rental and to return it after a month of usage. Staff are professional. Rates were reasonable. I would use them again and also recommend others to use Carl’s Van … (Read Full Review)

5 StarsExceptional service, family friendly

Name: Norman S.
Date: 6/9/2016
In April we rented a van from Carl’s Van Rentals and I was very pleased with everything they did for us. This was our first time renting with them and it won’t be the last. They were very precise and went out of their way to provide our family with c… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsPerfect!

Name: Cindy C.
Date: 5/31/2016
I had a very good experience with Carl’s Van Rentals. It was easy to schedule a rental and everyone was very friendly. I have no complaints. They were great. I would definitel… (Read Full Review)

5 StarsManager was great

Name: Michael G.
Date: 5/5/2016
I was really impressed with my experience with Carl’s Van Rentals because they really worked with me. I was in a little bit of a pinch and the manager whose name I can’t quite remember really helped me out. He was really great and he helped me get … (Read Full Review)

5 Stars100% satisfied with my experience

Name: Christina S.
Date: 5/4/2016
When I picked up my van from their shop, I was delighted to see that I had a brand new 15 passenger van. It was cleaner and nicer than I expected, so that made me very happy. Renting with Carl’s Van Rentals was convenient and we had the van for one … (Read Full Review)