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Carl’s Van Rentals has an ongoing employment process; we accept resumes continuously for any and all positions. Please apply by completing the form below to submit your cover letter/resume. We are an equal opportunity employer and invite you to inquire about joining our staff.

Current Employment Listings:

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Job Description: Maintain and enhance Carl’s Van Rentals lot, vehicles and outdoor appearance.

Wash Person Job duties:

  • Ensure all vehicles are washed, bugs removed, scrubbed and polished inside and out to protect their appearance
  • Vacuum, clean and maintain vehicles interiors, including dashboards, consoles, glove box, carpets and car seats
  • Clean windows, door trims and hinges
  • Ensure that the pre-rental van inspection sheet has been followed and checked
  • Remove all garbage from the vehicle
  • Maintain all tire pressures and rotate tires
  • Check and maintain the oil level, wash fluid level and DEF fluid for the sprinters
  • Check all returning vehicles for damage and report any new damage noticed
  • Notify management of missing or damaged vehicle parts
  • Assist with seat removal and installation
  • Assist with driving the shuttle and assisting with van movements when needed
  • Keep outside lot clean, free of trash and debris
  • Maintain grounds (mowing the lawn, trim hedges, weed eat, and weed the flower beds)
  • Keep parking area clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized
  • Notify management when supplies are needed (wipers, bulbs, chemicals, etc.)
  • Assist with the removal and installing of hitches
  • Alert management when vehicle is returned excessively dirty, pet hair, smoking, etc.
  • Notify management of damage on spare tires
  • Maintain, check, repair or replace spare tires as needed
  • Maintain, check, or replace chains/locks on spare tires as needed
  • Be able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • Lift, position and remove barricades in order to open or close our parking areas
  • Perform any additional responsibilities or tasks management asks of you

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Job description: Maintain and enhance Carl’s Van Rentals by providing knowledgeable, excellent customer service with an attention to detail.

Counter Agent job duties:

  • Responsible for greeting customers
  • Ability to present a professional, enthusiastic attitude through effective communication skills to promote a positive impression to our customers and other employees
  • Ability to demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills with customers
  • Process rentals and sell optional service
  • Ability to recognize the opportunity to present upgrades to our customers and use effective sales technique
  • Ability to know when to negotiate 5%-10% discount on listed rates in our software when quoting rates and reserving reservations by following our policy
  • Knowledgeable about car rental operations
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in our reservation software
  • Ability to complete and open contracts, give necessary rental or parking information, disclose rates, terms and conditions of rental and obtain customer signatures while using effective customer service and sales technique
  • Ability to open and close contracts; check the mileage, gas, assess any new damage if any, smoke, excessively dirty and pet hair
  • Ability to proceed with the policies put in place by charging the customers if new damage is found, it’s excessively dirty, there is pet hair or the vehicle smells of smoke. Also letting them know the claims department will contact them and inform management
  • Maintain and organize all closed contracts and scan to the server
  • Ability to type and perform data entry accurately
  • Ability to process all paperwork according to policies and procedures and to follow and understand written and oral directions
  • Good organization skills
  • Maintain and resolve overdue rentals; update rental agreement files; contract and notify customers of overdue rental vehicles and inquire as to the expected date of return; process rental extension
  • Complete review of various reports for management
  • Ensue all vehicles and paper work have been completed for our platinum pickups and customers have been notified of vehicle location and lockbox number
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to follow Florida driving laws while driving our vehicles
  • Answer and receive phone calls, handle customer related issues, direct other phone calls to appropriate personnel or take messages
  • Respond to customers questions and complaints
  • Maintain cleanliness of the rental office area and perform associated custodial duties
  • Make sure all vehicles are ready to go on rental. This includes completing the van checklist, delivering or picking up vehicles as needed, picking up or dropping customers off at the airport and confirming reservation information
  • Informing customers of our options, website updates, mobile apps, specials, new vehicle types and encouraging our customers to leave reviews or email management with any negative reviews
  • Maintain and be responsible for all wash personnel and lot attendants’ job duties

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.