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Carl’s Van Rentals has an ongoing employment process; we accept resumes continuously for any and all positions. Please apply by completing the form below to submit your cover letter/resume. We are an equal opportunity employer and invite you to inquire about joining our staff.

Current Employment Listings:

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Job description: Maintain and enhance Carl’s Van Rentals by providing knowledgeable, excellent customer service with an attention to detail.

Counter Agent job duties:

  • Responsible for greeting customers
  • Ability to present a professional, enthusiastic attitude through effective communication skills to promote a positive impression to our customers and other employees
  • Ability to demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills with customers
  • Process rentals and sell optional service
  • Ability to recognize the opportunity to present upgrades to our customers and use effective sales technique
  • Ability to know when to negotiate 5%-10% discount on listed rates in our software when quoting rates and reserving reservations by following our policy
  • Knowledgeable about car rental operations
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in our reservation software
  • Ability to complete and open contracts, give necessary rental or parking information, disclose rates, terms and conditions of rental and obtain customer signatures while using effective customer service and sales technique
  • Ability to open and close contracts; check the mileage, gas, assess any new damage if any, smoke, excessively dirty and pet hair
  • Ability to proceed with the policies put in place by charging the customers if new damage is found, it’s excessively dirty, there is pet hair or the vehicle smells of smoke. Also letting them know the claims department will contact them and inform management
  • Maintain and organize all closed contracts and scan to the server
  • Ability to type and perform data entry accurately
  • Ability to process all paperwork according to policies and procedures and to follow and understand written and oral directions
  • Good organization skills
  • Maintain and resolve overdue rentals; update rental agreement files; contract and notify customers of overdue rental vehicles and inquire as to the expected date of return; process rental extension
  • Complete review of various reports for management
  • Ensure all vehicles and paper work have been completed for our platinum pickups and customers have been notified of vehicle location and lockbox number
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to follow Florida driving laws while driving our vehicles
  • Answer and receive phone calls, handle customer related issues, direct other phone calls to appropriate personnel or take messages
  • Respond to customers questions and complaints
  • Maintain cleanliness of the rental office area and perform associated custodial duties
  • Make sure all vehicles are ready to go on rental. This includes completing the van checklist, delivering or picking up vehicles as needed, picking up or dropping customers off at the airport and confirming reservation information
  • Informing customers of our options, website updates, mobile apps, specials, new vehicle types and encouraging our customers to leave reviews or email management with any negative reviews
  • Maintain and be responsible for all wash personnel and lot attendants’ job duties

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Carl’s Van Rentals is seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team as our Jacksonville store manager. We are looking for a manager who is dedicated and will provide exceptional customer service. Carl’s Van Rentals is a family owned/operated business. The store manager operates the business as if it’s their own.

Requirements: Carl’s ideal candidate should have a positive attitude while going the extra mile for our customers. Basic computer skills are required, attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task in a fast pace environment, strong problem-solving skills and the ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintain a high level of accuracy In work, excellent verbal and written communication skills, previous experience in management or supervisory, with the ability to lead and motivate a team.

Store Manager responsibilities: Maintain and enhance Carl’s Van Rentals by assisting other store team members with their tasks and assure that they are performing their job well. Assisting with the flow of service in the store.

  • Have store opened/closed each day at correct times
  • Answer phones and take reservations
  • Open/close rental agreements in a timely manner
  • Wash and maintain vehicles. This includes identifying new damage, smoking, rotating tires, changing light bulbs, changing wiper blades, getting vehicles fixed – body damage or mechanical, getting oil changes done, identifying when vehicles need new tires, ensure recalls are done, etc.
  • Maintain office – cleanliness of inside and outside of office
  • Handling ALL paperwork for after-hours rentals
  • Delegate tasks to employees and assist employees with their work if needed
  • Assist with training and evaluations of trainees, new employees and yearly reviews
  • Interacting with customers with their needs, suggestions and complaints
  • Marketing your store. This includes calling potential customers, visiting local businesses, emailing, etc. Reach out to new business (tournaments, websites, travel agencies, etc.), Come up with new ideas and ways to increase revenue, increase axillary sales (increases add-ons per contract), Grow business
  • Picking customers up/dropping off at airport or hotel
  • Represent Carl’s to the best of your ability
  • Collecting money for damage, extra mileage, smoking, excessively dirty
  • Inform upper management of any problems of damage with vehicles tires, bumpers, etc.
  • Inform upper management of office equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Get the claims manager all needed paperwork when damage occurs and long-term rental information
  • Contact the HR manager with any HR issues, new hires, uniforms, time off request, etc.
  • Making calls on customer service. If someone has a problem with the van, we made an error; they wait too long, etc. Decide what was worth their pain and offer it to the customer
  • Check competitor’s rates in your market for at least 8 weeks out. If you notice we are way high or low, inform the rates manager ASAP so rates can get adjusted promptly. This needs to be done on a daily basis
  • Each morning identify all vans that are supposed to be on the lot, make sure they are, and no new damage or theft has occurred overnight
  • Communicate with upper management regarding the sales, employees and other important matters/information
  • Make sure stores are always staffed
  • Relocate vans from other Carl’s locations if necessary
  • Employee Write ups if necessary
  • Uphold and enforce all for Carl’s policies and procedures, make suggestions for revisions/updates
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.