We want you to experience the best and have all the answers to your questions.

FAQsBefore our customers get on the road, we know they often will have some questions about Carl’s Van Rentals. We’ve complied some of our commonly address questions here. Our staff is also readily available to answer your questions, so we also invite you to contact us or call us directly.

FAQ Globe

I don’t live in the US, what should I know?

If you do not possess a driver’s license AND insurance from the United States or Canada, you will be required to purchase one of our Collision Damage Waiver Coverages and Supplemental Liability Insurance. As an alternative, you may purchase these coverages from another source, but you must demonstrate proof of this coverage at the time of rental.
FAQ Cards

I don’t have a major credit card, only a debit/check card.

Can I still rent? You may still rent a vehicle with Carl’s. However, Debit/Check Cards are considered to be non-credit cards bearing the Visa, Master Card or Discover card logo. Any other debit or prepaid cards are NOT accepted.

  • All debit card/cash reservations MUST be 3 or more days
  • Debit card/cash reservations are booked with a $125.00 deposit
  • All debit card reservations that come in online, must be called and told the policy

Day of Pickup:

  • 3 forms of ID MUST be presented at time of reservation with the renters name and current address that matches the Drives License
  • Example: Light bill, cable bill, credit card, junk mail
  • 3 valid phone numbers MUST be recorded. Each number MUST be checked by a counter agent. If a number is disconnected, wrong number, etc. DO NOT rent, refund the deposit and cancel the reservation.
  • The customers insurance MUST transfer to our vehicles. This is to be verified by the counter agent. If the customers insurance does not transfer, they CAN NOT rent. Cancel reservation and refund deposit.
  • All customers using a debit card/cash CAN NOT buy our insurance if their policy does not transfer. They can however purchase our insurance in addition to their policy.
  • A $500 deposit will be taken for EVERY debit card/cash reservation. This is fully refundable once the vehicle has been returned on time, no damage, the same amount of gas and no overage in miles.
FAQ Vans

What is a cargo van?

A cargo van is also known as a panel van or a shell van. It seats only two people and has an empty shell for storage, etc, in the rear of the vehicle. There are only two seat belts in the vehicle so only two passengers are allowed.
FAQ Person

I’ve never heard of Carl’s. Why should I rent with Carl’s?

We have been in business since 1994. We have since expanded to cover most major cities in the Southeast. Since our doors opened, we have been serving a full range of customers including church groups, sports teams (all ages and levels of talent), government, and thousands of families traveling together. We deal exclusively in vans. Vans are what we know and vans are what we do. We carry a range of vans starting as low as a seven passenger minivan all the way up to our luxury 15 passenger minibuses. We do not overbook, and we never cancel reservations. Rest assured, when you rent with Carl’s, your reservation is guaranteed!
FAQ Dollars

Does Carl’s accept cash or checks?

We do accept cash. However, in order to rent with cash, we require verifiable full coverage automobile insurance (your own – you cannot purchase this from us) along with a deposit of $500 (cash or on a debit or credit card). Please review our cash policies for more details. The same policy applies when paying with a check. We accept only company checks, no handwritten or personal checks will be accepted.
FAQ Deposit

Why does Carl’s require a deposit?

We require a deposit for two reasons- When you book your vehicle, we assign your reservation a vehicle from our fleet – this makes that vehicle non-rentable to anyone else during the period that you have reserved. This ensures that we have a vehicle for you. Second, the deposit is to ensure that you will be renting the vehicle. Other car rental companies have a very high “No Show” percentage which forces overbooking or canceling reservations to account for that problem. Since we assign a unit at the time of reservation, we do not have that issue. This is especially a problem during peak travel seasons. This way you are guaranteed your vehicle with your deposit. Please review our reservation and cancelation policies for more information.
FAQ Plane

How do I get from the airport to Carl’s?

We have a free shuttle that runs on demand. Most of our locations are within 5-8 mins of their respective airports. After you gather your luggage, simply call our office at the 800 number from any phone and we will let you know where to pick up our shuttle. (Vehicles rented from the Jacksonville Airport will be assessed an additional $50 for pickup and return. The vehicle will be delivered to the airport and picked up after your rental). If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-565-5211.
FAQ Insurance

Why does Carl’s require proof of insurance?

Due to the nature of the type of vehicles that we offer, primary liability coverage is required of all of our customers. This is our insurance department’s requirement for all customers renting vehicles with us. This also allows us to qualify our customers as responsible drivers. You may elect to purchase extended coverage from either Carl’s or an alternative source, but all of our customers must have and demonstrate proof of primary liability coverage. Please check with your insurance company to ensure that your coverage will extend to the type of vehicle that you are renting from us as not all insurance companies provide coverage for the types of vehicles that we rent.
FAQ Location

I don’t have a Carl’s near me – when will you have one where I live?

Carl’s is expanding throughout the Southeast United States currently. If you would like to use our services, please contact our operations manager at Eric@CarlsVanRentals.com for more information. Our goal is to be able to provide the services you need at a fair price while offering the outstanding customer service that we are known for!