Have you ever wanted to take a safari to see the water buffalo or the zebra firsthand? What if you could go on a safari but keep your minivan rental within driving distance of Tampa’s beaches? Well, you can at Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, FL. Less than an hour outside Tampa, Safari Wilderness Ranch is an easy drive in your minivan rental from Carl’s Van Rentals.

What is Safari Wilderness Ranch?

Glad you asked. Safari Wilderness Ranch is considered to be a family-owned and operated working game ranch that specializes in exotic species, many of which you’d find on an African safari. Surrounded by about 870 square miles of watershed (Florida’s Green Swamp), Safari Wilderness Ranch claims to be “a world away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Here you feel the silence, enveloped by an open vista of grazing animals surrounded by cypress domes and bay trees.”

What activities does this FL attraction offer?

The ranch offers two different types of safari experiences: 

  • Customized vehicle safari: On a vehicle safari, you ride with several others on a customized, open-air, shaded safari truck. As you ride throughout the grounds, you get to see waterbuck, Grant’s zebra, blackbuck antelope, and many other animals up close. 
  • Camel expedition: With this option, you can view the landscape and animals of Safari Wilderness Ranch from the back of a camel. Camel safaris are led by a guide and last about an hour and a half. Note that the camel expedition does cost about twice as much as the vehicle safari, and some age restrictions do apply.

How do I get to Safari Wilderness Ranch in my minivan rental?

If you’re driving from Tampa, Safari Wilderness Ranch provides detailed directions on its website. Carl’s Van Rentals of Tampa is ready to serve Florida visitors like you, getting you set with a minivan rental that meets your needs. Call our Tampa office today at 813-872-7111 to reserve your van rental or to get a quote.