It’s not just the miles we’ve driven but the smiles we’ve delivered. This year, Carl’s Van Rentals embarks on a significant milestone – 30 years of being at the wheel of reliable, customer-oriented van rental services. From humble beginnings to becoming a pivotal presence in the industry, we celebrate three decades of journeys, adventures, and shared memories with our valued customers.

Carl’s Van Rentals: Celebrating 30 Years in Business

Founding and Early Years

It’s hard to believe, but our van rental company started back in 1993 as a used car lot just south of downtown Orlando, FL. Back then, we didn’t have the number of vans we do now, but we had a vision! And that’s what truly mattered. We slowly built a reputation for being reliable, friendly, and having the best prices. Eventually, Carl came up with the idea of opening a van-only rental company after struggling to find transportation for his son’s little league team. To his surprise, rental companies across the area lacked sufficient transportation for more than seven people, and that just wasn’t going to cut it. So, Carl’s Van Rentals was born. 


Today, Carl’s Van Rentals has three locations across the state, ready to serve customers whenever they need a large-capacity vehicle. Keeping the Orlando location, Carl expanded this company into Tampa, FL, in 2002 and Jacksonville, FL,  in 2008. Not only did this open the door for more business, but it also ensured that no other little league, sports team, community event, private event, or church event had to do without. Now, organizations and residents across the state can rest assured knowing that a large-capacity vehicle is just a phone call away.

Our Philosophy

Carl’s Van Rentals operates on three main pillars: Guaranteed Reservations, Affordable Prices, and No Wait Time. We’ve watched countless renters struggle with overbookings at other places. But here at Carl’s Van Rentals, we guarantee your rental. The van you book is the van you pick up. We’ll never overbook a rental just to ensure it’s picked up. We also offer some of the most affordable prices in the state, making us a go-to choice for many. Last but not least, we pride ourselves on offering superior customer service and elevating our experience so there’s no wait time. Our customers are driving off the lot in minutes compared to the other rental places. 

Book with Carl’s Today

As we get ready to celebrate three decades of being in business, we cannot thank our customers and our loyal staff enough for believing in us. Never in Carl’s wildest dreams would we have imagined that we’d have multiple locations and return business. Whether you’ve rented a 12-passenger van, a 15-passenger mega transit van, or a minivan over the years, we can’t thank you enough for choosing Carl’s Van Rentals. We’re excited about celebrating this milestone and look forward to the next 30 years. Book your rental online or give us a call in Orlando, FL, at (407) 856-8866.