At Carl’s Van Rentals, we get countless van rental customers visiting Orlando for its theme parks. From Legoland to Disney to Universal Studios, you could easily spend weeks exploring all that this part of Florida has to offer! We want to share a few tips on how to make the most of your theme park visit.

1. Don’t try to cram everything into a day.

In order to enjoy the experience and get the most out of your vacation money, we recommend that you try to focus on only one theme park—or portion of the theme park—per day. The longer you spend at each theme park, the more you can enjoy it instead of feeling like you have to “see it all” quickly. Savor your time, and take it slowly.

2. Choose age-appropriate theme parks.

We understand that as soon as you found out you had a baby on the way that you began dreaming of future family trips to Disney. However, you want your kiddos to remember and appreciate the experience, so don’t visit a theme park until you’re confident your kids will fully enjoy and remember their time.

3. Save money where you can.

Taking your family to an Orlando theme park can get expensive, so try to save money in other places where you can. For example, do your research, and book an affordable minivan rental. Many van rental companies like Carl’s Van Rentals even offer additional van- rental specials that give you even better discounts. Other ways to save include camping instead of getting a hotel, making some of your own meals, or traveling during the off-season.

We hope to see you in Orlando soon for your next family vacation. To find out more about our van rentals or to make a reservation, contact Carl’s Van Rentals of Orlando at (407) 856-8866. We offer multiple minivan-rental locations throughout Florida as well as a large inventory of Sprinter van rentals, passenger van rentals, minivan rentals, and more.