Tampa FLAre you planning an upcoming trip to Tampa, FL, and are in need of a van rental? Whether you’re here for business or family vacation, Carl’s Van Rentals has just what you need to get where you need to go. We specialize in vans, so you know we’ll have a rental option that fits you. Here are some of your choices at our Tampa location.

1. Minivan

For comfort and maximum fuel efficiency, our minivan is a popular option both for families and for business trips. The minivan fits up to seven passenger comfortably, and it comes with all the conveniences and reliability you’d expect from a family van.

2. Passenger Van

If you have a larger group or a good amount of luggage, a passenger van may be a good option for you. And at Carl’s, you have plenty of van options to choose from. We carry 8-, 11-, 12-, and 15-passenger van options, so you can find a seat-to-storage ratio that works best for you and your group.

3. Cargo Van

A cargo van is ideal if you have more to store than you have passengers. If you’re traveling with lots of equipment (or you just like to bring everything on vacation), then check out our cargo vans. They can fit two passengers comfortably and come with A/C, stereo, and lots of space.

4. Sprinter Van

Are you looking for a combination of comfort, luxury, and maximum seating capacity? Then our Sprinter vans may be just what you need. They’re a step up from a standard passenger van, in case you need to transport clients, but they also have the comfort comparable to a minivan.

Want to find out more about our van rental options here in Tampa? Contact Carl’s today at (813) 872-7111. We’ll gladly tell you about your rental options and help you make a reservation.


photo credit: Greetings from Tampa, Florida via flickr license