Cargo vans have an empty shell for storage and transportation, making them perfect for businesses that need to move goods or deliveries. Still, many find that the upkeep of their own fleet is too much. In addition, the overhead of owning a cargo van for your operation may not make sense. So, that’s where a rental from Carl’s Van Rentals comes into play. Still, let’s look at some other advantages to renting from us instead of buying.

Why You Should Rent a Cargo Van Instead

Rent It When You Need It

If your business is located on a busy downtown street, then you likely don’t have a place to store your cargo van when it’s not in use. This makes renting one a much better opinion. You can easily rent a cargo van or two, make your deliveries, and then return the vans when you’re done. This means you don’t have to worry about storage or even potential vandalism to your own business property. 

Grow Your Business, Not Your Costs

Growing business while reducing costs is always tricky. But when you opt for renting over purchasing, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Not only do you save on repair costs and upkeep, but you also save on monthly payments and cash down for new vans. Cargo vans are great, but owning one doesn’t make sense if you don’t need one for everyday operations. 

Readily Available Inventory

Have you tried to find an affordable used cargo van for sale recently? Our guess is you probably struck out. Used car lots are pretty empty these days, and cargo vans are scarce, especially ones that run well. So, when you opt to rent your vans, you can count on always having a van when you need it. Our lot is full of vans that are newer, always maintained, and have lower mileage, so you can conduct business with ease. 

Rent a Cargo Van Today

Does your business in Tampa, FL, need reliable transportation? Then, check out the amazing fleet of Sprinters, passenger vans, and cargo vans from Carl’s Van Rentals. We have everything you need to keep business going and growing. For an instant quote, give us a call at (813) 872-7111.