While aquariums are great entertainment for vacationers, imagine seeing all of those animals in their natural habitats. Take the family to Island Boat Lines in Cocoa Beach for an amazing experience on an eco-tour. Carl’s Van Rentals can help you get to your destination with a car, SUV, or van rental to suit the size of your group.


Island Boat Lines is located in Cocoa Beach, and the boarding spot is at Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar at 500 West Cocoa Beach Causeway. Traveling to your destination with a Cocoa Beach van rental is simple with Carl’s Van Rentals.


“In Search of Wildlife” cruises with Island Boat Lines run for two hours at a time, and there is a variety of creatures that you could see on the tour. Herds of manatees may approach the group, or flocks of unique coastal birds could fly by at any time. Dolphins have also been known to swim alongside the tour boats and entertain the tourists.

The boats conveniently accommodate up to 27 passengers for larger groups traveling together. Guests are welcomed to move around the boat throughout the duration of the cruise. The crew will provide narration and answer any questions you have while onboard.


The tour boats run Monday-Saturday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. On Sundays, only a 2 p.m. cruise is available.


Adults – $28

Seniors – $26

Children – $23

You can check availability and buy tickets online.

To commute around the area while on vacation in Florida, trust Carl’s Van Rentals for your vehicle needs. We offer cars, SUVs, and several sizes of passenger van rentals to suit groups traveling with up to 15 people. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure that you’re satisfied with your rental experience. Contact us today at 407-367-6133 to reserve your rental and enjoy all that Cocoa Beach has to offer.

Source: http://www.islandboatlines.com