The Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL is the largest non-profit lion and big cat sanctuary in the world. The preserve is dedicated to ensuring that the big cats live in peace while educating visitors on the importance of big cat conservation. Because of all the hands-on learning opportunities, the Big Cat Rescue is the perfect place to head to in a 15 passenger van rental for a class field trip.

The Cats Of The Big Cat Rescue

There are a total of 14 species of cats that live at the sanctuary, including Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx, Servals, Ocelots, Caracals, Jungle Cats, Leopard Cats, and Geoffrey Cats. Many of the animals at Big Cat Rescue are threatened or endangered. Some species are actually considered extinct in the wild and are monitored within captivity. Over 100 big cats (total) call Big Cat Rescue their home.

Big Cat Rescue exclusively takes in abandoned, abused, orphaned, or retired circus performers. More than often, the sanctuary receives animals that are sick or injured. They provide the animals with immediate care and carefully monitor their health afterwards to allow them to live without discomfort whenever possible. Big Cat Rescue recreates a natural environment for the big cats so they can feel at home.

Big Cat Rescue Tours

There are a number of ways you can spend your time exploring the Big Cat Rescue. Because it is a sanctuary, not a zoo, people are not permitted to wander around as they please. The Big Cat Rescue offers a variety of guided tours that provide an educational experience that includes the plight of big cats in the wild and in captivity. The tours are also intended to inform visitors of what they can to do help save the endangered animals.

Big Cat Rescue provides on-site field trips and outreach programs to more than 30 schools a year. They also offer free programs to 12 schools to further educate children on the importance of preservation. On-site educational programs provide students with a walking tour of the sanctuary, where they will learn about the exotic animals that live at Big Cat Rescue and conservation of the animals in the wild. Children can see more than a dozen feline species and other animals standing only 4 to 6 feet away in many cases.

The Big Cat Rescue is devoted to not only giving big cats a place to live, but also educating visitors on the importance of big cat conservation. Visiting the sanctuary gives children a hands-on learning experience, making this the perfect place to bring students on a field trip. In situations like this where children outnumber the chaperones, it is important to stay together during travel.  One way to do this is in a passenger van rental from Carl’s Van Rentals. Contact us today at 1-800-565-5211.