Port Canaveral attractionsVisitors to Port Canaveral often come for the beaches and other South Florida attractions. However, if you’re an outdoor adventurer and want to enjoy some Florida wildlife and landscape, consider Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary. Less than a 15-minute minivan rental drive from Carl’s Van Rentals of Port Canaveral, a day trip to Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary may be just what you need.

Primarily a bird sanctuary, you can find plenty of Florida birds on Ulumay’s 436-acre grounds. Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary is a birdwatcher’s dream. Many visitors enjoy the birdwatching tower, with its memorable views of the lagoon. Birds commonly seen at Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary include the wood stork, belted kingfisher, as well as white or brown pelicans.

Other activities at Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary near Port Canaveral include:

  • Canoeing
  • Biking and Hiking Trails
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife viewing (primarily birds, dolphins, and alligators)

Located in Merritt Island, FL, Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary offers visitors a break from the hustle and bustle of the crowded beach areas. Canals throughout the sanctuary provide visitors on the trails protection from mosquitos, allowing you to fish, hike, or enjoy the rookery without being bothered by droves of bugs. The Brevard County website notes that rumors also exist about occasional troll sightings.

For a day away from the mainstream (and maybe even a bit of mystery), check out the Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary near Port Canaveral. To get there, reserve a minivan rental from Carl’s Van Rentals. You can call our Port Canaveral office to ask for a minivan rental quote or to make a reservation at 321-328-3997.

Photo credit: Rusty Clark via Photopin cc