If you’re looking for something more than lounging on the beach during your Florida vacation, kayaking in Jacksonville may be just the activity for you. Jacksonville’s own Kayak Amelia has kayak tours, rentals and more.Physical activity on vacation may not sound like your cup of tea, but traversing the marshes and shorelines of Northeast Florida will make you do more than break a sweat. This gorgeous part of the country provides the perfect relaxing scenery for both Florida visitors and residents alike.

Located at 13030 Heckscher Drive in Jacksonville, FL, Kayak Amelia is easily accessed in your Jacksonville van rental from Carl’s Van Rentals. Load the family up into one of our spacious and clean rental vans and head to Kayak Amelia for hours of fun your family won’t soon forget.

Kayak Amelia offers beginner-friendly, guided tours that last about 3 hours. The first hour is spent getting acquainted with gear and proper kayaking techniques. The other 2 hours are spent on the water with a break in between for a snack and swim.

If you’re more experienced or just want to do your own thing, Kayak Amelia also offers kayak rentals. They’ll provide you with a personal flotation device (PFD), maps of the area, a type of kayak of your choosing and paddles.

If kayaking doesn’t interest you, Kayak Amelia can also provide you with bike and SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) rentals.

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