If you’re like most, you probably have a never-ending bucket list. One of the most common activities on vacationer’s to do list is swimming with dolphins. If you are looking to check this off the list, visit Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.

Discovery Cove presents you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to encounter actual exotic animals.  Our favorite areas of the park include the Explorer’s Aviary, Tropical Reef, Serenity Bay, and Wind-Away River. Luckily for you, the park is all-inclusive, so the admission covers parking, showers, a souvenir snorkel, entry photo, continental breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks, as well as access to these attractions and other nearby parks such as SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, and Bush Gardens Tampa.

Because of all the amazing educational opportunities that Discovery Cove offers, it would be a perfect school field trip or Boy Scout/Girl Scout outing. If you plan on bringing a large group, save on gas by reserving a 15-person passenger van rental. You may even want to arrive the day before, spend the night in Orlando, then be ready to head to Discovery Cove first thing in the morning to get the most out of your day pass.

Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast because your day is going to be filled with dolphin interactions and aquatic activities. You will be able to swim with, pet, hug, kiss, and rub the belly of your new bottlenose dolphin friend. Even though swimming with dolphins is Discovery Cove’s main attraction, it also has several other areas for you to explore.

Explorer’s Aviary is a one of a kind bird habitat. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to walk among the birds while hearing them sing and watching them fly. You may even get the opportunity to act as a perch as they swoop down.

Another one of our favorite exhibits is the Tropical Reef. The Tropical Reef gives you an inside look into an underwater world. It won’t take long before you understand why preservation of the reefs throughout the world is so important. Enjoy the beauty of underwater and keep your eyes open for the stingrays. They will be so close you can reach out and touch their wet, velvet-like wings.

These aquatic adventures are educational fun for the whole family. If you plan on visiting Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatic or Busch Gardens Tampa, call Carl’s Van Rentals and reserve one of our 15-passenger van rentals so everyone can join in the fun. Carl’s Van Rentals provides first-class van rentals for all our customers. Call 800-565-5211 and reserve yours today.