The owners of Carl’s Van Rentals recently issued new customer service goals for its employees, in order to improve the rental process for every rental guest. The new focus brings a change in management and a new staff member to the Tampa office. Two new counter agents have been added to the Orlando location as well and an additional lot attendant in Ft. Lauderdale. The revamped customer service policy has been implemented throughout all of Carl’s Van Rentals’ locations across Florida.

The first of the customer service goals states that the company will go above and beyond what is expected of a rental experience. The team at Carl’s Van Rentals strives to surprise each guest with the ease and simplicity of the rental process. The second goal is to always earn a recommendation, as word-of-mouth has proven to be a powerful marketing tool.

These goals are paired with staff restructuring at the Tampa location, which welcomes Zac Griffin as the new office manager. Taking on a management role has been a natural progression for Griffin, as he’s been part of the company for over five years. He’d previously started and operated another location for about two years and had most recently been going through manager training at Carl’s Van Rentals’ Orlando office. The Tampa office also recently brought in a new counter agent, Matthew Henley, in March 2014.

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