There is nothing more magical than a spectacular, fun-filled Disney getaway with the family in Orlando, FL. Walt Disney World is one of the most popular places for kids and adults alike. It’s the place that brings out the kid in everyone, and there’s something to do for all ages. That’s probably why so many parents choose to spend a week or two at Disney every year. If you’re looking to plan the perfect Disney trip this year, then the experts at Carl’s Van Rentals have some tips, and it all starts with booking your van rental for the trip!

4 Tips to Planning the Perfect Disney Trip

1. Buy Tickets Upfront

Your Disney trip planning tactics should start months in advance. Planning ahead and getting your tickets before you get to the park can save you and your family some major cash. Think about it: A single day-pass for Disney (ages 10+) costs $117, but stay if you stay three days, and that price drops to $113. Stay four days, and the price drops to $109. Stay longer, and you could save even more! The parks also raise their rates every year, so budgeting for your family’s trip ahead of time or even snagging them the previous year can help save you even more. 

2. Visit During Non-Peak Seasons

There’s really no bad time to visit Disney, but you can definitely save more money when you avoid peak seasons like spring break, summer break, Halloween, and Christmas. These seasons mean bigger crowds, which means you’ll also spend more time in line for rides. These bigger crowds can quickly ruin your family vacation and make the younger ones more irritable. You’ll also lower your chances of spotting some of your favorite Disney characters. So, if you want to ensure a great time, schedule your trip during non-peak seasons. 

3. Plan Every Day

Yes, this also includes mealtimes. Once you’re inside the park, it’s easy to get swept up in all the magic, which can prevent you from seeing everything on everyone’s must-see list. So, before you even step foot inside the park, make sure you have a solid plan, including when and where you’re going to meet up for meals. You can also plan when to hit up the best rides to avoid peak ride times and keep the fun moving along all day. Trust us, planning ahead can be a pain, but you’ll pat yourself on the back later. 

4. Take Advantage of Free

Disney World is its own megacity and universe. This means there’s always something to do, and the parks offer a variety of freebies that you can enjoy with the entire family. For example, guests and non-guests alike can walk through Animal Kingdom Lodge and try to spot any resident zebra, giraffe, or gazelle. And things don’t slow down once the sun goes down. You can also enjoy a campfire, s’mores, and sing-alongs with Chip and Dale. Cap off the night with an outdoor Disney movie. 

Your Disney Vacation Starts Here

While all of these activities sound fantastic and fun, you can’t get to Disney without a reliable van rental from Carl’s Van Rentals. We proudly serve the entire Orlando, FL, area, including those coming in from out of town. So, make us your first stop, and we’ll have you well on your way to the most magical place on Earth in no time. Whether you’re looking for a minivan or a 15-passenger van for the whole gang, we’ve got it all. Give us a call at (407) 856-8866 to reserve your rental today.