When you pick up your rental from Carl’s Van Rentals, you can expect the interior and exterior to be clean. Additionally, you can expect it to be sanitary and free of any harmful bacteria or viruses. However, once you drive it off the lot, we can’t guarantee it will stay clean, especially if you have kids. So, no matter how long you’re keeping your rental, there are some ways you can keep it clean while traveling around.

3 Ways to Keep Your Rental Van Clean

1. Keep a Trash Bag Handy

The easiest way your van can get filthy on the inside is all the trash. Whether it’s from kids’ snacks or fast food bags, the trash can really pile up. So, our No.1 tip for keeping your van clean is to keep a trash bag handy. You don’t always have to have a full-sized trash bag, though. A simple grocery bag will do as well. You just need something and somewhere for all the trash to go. Furthermore, this makes clean up a breeze once you find a trash can. 

2. Wet Wipes

Today’s parents know that wet wipes aren’t just for changing diapers; they also come in handy for sticky fingers, spilled beverages, and more! So, once you get into your rental, keep a package of these stashed in the glove box or the seat pocket for easy access. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to wipe down door handles and hard surfaces when wet wipes are accessible. 

3. Keep the Beach Blanket Nearby

You can’t come to Florida and not hit the beach. With a van rental, you’ll have plenty of space for all your beach chairs, towels, floaties, and bags. But when it’s time to pack up and head back to the resort or hotel, keeping sand out of your van can be difficult. That’s why we suggest you keep a beach blanket spread out in the trunk. These blankets are perfect for trapping all the sand from toys, shoes, and towels in one place. Plus, it’s easy to shake out once you get back to your resort.

Explore in a Van Rental

It’s time to get out and explore a new part of Florida! Tampa, FL, is a great area with plenty of restaurants, sights, and water sport activities for the entire family. Enjoy all that the bay has to offer, or zip on over to Clearwater, FL, in your van rental for more fun in the sun. Carl’s Van Rentals has affordable and reliable minivans, cargo vans, and SUVs perfect for the whole family. Reserve yours online or give us a call today at (813) 872-7111.