2Does that cold winter wind have you dreaming of someplace to warm up? Then it’s time to start thinking about your spring break and where you’ll take the family for a sunny escape. But don’t wait too long! Putting this trip-planning off could cost you. Here are three other reasons you’ll want to book things well in advance. Just don’t forget your van rental from Carl’s Van Rentals!

3 Solid Reasons to Plan Spring Break Early

1. Secure Your Stay

It’s never too early to think about where you want to stay for spring break. In fact, picking your location is one of the first things you should do. Waiting until the last minute will make it harder for you to find a place to relax. Many of the good hotels and condos along the Florida coasts book quickly, so if you’re looking for that ocean view, time to set your dates. 

2. Save Money on Flights

If you’re like most spring breakers, you’re probably flying in from out of town. So, booking well in advance can give you the best deal on airline tickets. In fact, the best window of opportunity is usually between 21-30 days before your trip. If you’re looking for the best day of the week to book, try scanning the pricing sites on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

3. Pay For Your Trip in Advance

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than the stress of money. But, when you book things well in advance, you can secure a great rate and give yourself plenty of time to pay off the trip. You’ll even have time to save up for all those fun water excursions, outdoor dining experiences, and the gas you’ll need to fill up your van rental. 

Plan Ahead and Book Today

There’s no better cure than some sun and sand when it comes to beating the winter blues. However, booking your flight and hotel is just half the battle. The other half is your transportation. So, when you need reliable wheels to get around Tampa, FL, check out the SUVs or minivans from Carl’s Van Rentals. Request a quote online or give us a call at (813) 872-7111