Spring break will be here before you know it, which means you’ll need reliable transportation to your favorite Florida beach. At Carl’s Van Rentals, we love driving instead of flying. There are so many benefits to hitting the open road in your van rental, including enjoying more time together. So, if you want to get a jump start on your spring break vacation planning, here are several reasons driving is better than flying.

3 Reasons to Drive Instead of Fly

1. Save Money

Saving money where you can is always a bonus, especially when you’re planning a trip during peak travel times like spring break. With a van rental, you can easily save money for your entire trip. If you plan with another family, you can split the rental, gas, and food costs associated with your vacation. Choosing to drive will also save you money on luggage fees and expensive airport or plane prices for beverages and snacks. 

2. Flexible Schedule

Flying requires a strict schedule, and doesn’t allow you to take your time soaking up the sights. Your options are also limited to scheduled flight times, which means you can’t leave exactly when you want to. If your travel plans change at the last minute, you could also find it difficult to find a flight home. Save yourself the headache and the restricted schedule when you choose to drive instead of fly. 

3. Pack More

Another downfall to flying is that you’re limited to the amount of luggage you can take. It’s pretty expensive to check bags on an airplane, and the size restrictions for carry-ons make it hard to pack. If you’re traveling with younger children, then packing for a flight could be even more challenging. Not only do you have to include toys and entertainment, but you also have to pack more clothing and essentials. When you drive, you don’t have these kinds of restrictions, and you can pack everything you need in larger bags without the extra cost.

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