Sometimes, certain occasions call for a limo. But other times, certain occasions call for a minibus! While this type of transportation differs from the popular limo option, it can actually be a lot cheaper and more fun for you and your entire party. Carl’s Van Rentals has an entire fleet of minibuses, and we’re ready to help you elevate your special occasion. Here are several examples of when your party deserves one of our buses.

3 Occasions That Call for a Minibus

1. Wine Tours

Florida has some great wineries, and hitting up some of your favorites around Tampa is a great way to spend a Saturday. This occasion is perfect for a minibus rental! Not only will you have everyone in one vehicle, but you can also hire or designate a family member to be the driver. With a single mode of transportation, you’re also less likely to lose friends along the way, and you can guarantee that everyone gets back home safely. Plus, a minibus has all the room you’ll need to store all of the bottles of wine you and your friends buy at each winery!

2. Wedding Party

Some wedding parties like limos, while others prefer minibuses, and we know why: More room! Limos tend to be small and hard to get in and out of, but a minibus makes it easy for everyone in your bridal party to enter and exit, especially in those big, flowy gowns. But even if a big ballroom dress isn’t your style, renting a minibus for your occasion can give you and your entire party a fun transportation method that can be decorated on the inside and the outside. 

3. Taking in the Sights

Florida is a state full of fun activities and things to do. Whether you want to explore Jacksonville or drive from Miami out to the Everglades, a minibus is the perfect way to get there. There’s plenty of room for your kids and their friends, and everyone will have plenty of room to take in all the sights along the way. You can even play tourist in your own city in a minibus, moving about as you capture pictures of the wildlife or main attractions. 

Complete Your Trip in a Minibus

No matter your occasion, there really is no bad time to rent a minibus from Carl’s Van Rentals in Tampa, FL. With our rentals, you don’t need a CDL license, and you can fit up to 20 people. However, if our minibuses don’t suit your needs, you might find what you need in our selection of 15-passenger vans, Sprinter vans, or minivans. Request your quote online or give us a call at (813) 872-7111