For your corporate convention in Tampa, FL, free and reliable transportation can make or break attendance. A minibus rental from Carl’s Van Rentals guarantees a better attendee experience. Not only will they get to each event on time, but they won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses for Ubers or taxis. Additionally, arriving on time every day means there’s more time for networking. Here are several other transportation tips to use that will make your next corporate convention a hit.

3 Convention Planning Tips

1. Map the Routes

As a corporate event planner, transportation is a big part of your coordination efforts and planning. To make your convention a success, map out any routes attendees will take to each event. You should also partner with hotels and with satellite parking for local attendees who need parking. Use Google Maps to help you plan out each route and how long they take. 

2. Choose Safe Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

To ensure the safety of all your guests, work with the partner hotels to make sure that your event attendees can board and get off your minibus shuttle safely and securely. This might include a location at the back of the building, or may utilize the help and expertise of valet personnel. If you can, visit each location in person to ensure that these locations are free of construction obstacles and don’t require your guests to cross busy roads.

3. Book Your Shuttles Months in Advance

Guaranteeing you have enough transportation shuttles for your event requires you to book them months ahead of the event. We recommend having them reserved three to six months ahead of schedule, so that you don’t run into a last-minute booking fiasco. Getting this task checked off your calendar also frees up your time to plan other details of your convention event, such as disability accessibility and getting the timing down for each shuttle’s run time. 

We’ve Got Your Corporate Event Covered

Carl’s Van Rentals proudly serves corporate events throughout Tampa, FL. A minibus provides your guests with plenty of legroom, head space, and safety. Should your guests want additional rental options, we also have minivans, cargo vans, and 12-passenger vans for rent. To reserve your fleet of minibuses, give us a call today at (813) 872-7111