If you are looking for a fun and educational vacation activity, load up a minivan rental and head on over to Museum of Science and Industry located in Tampa, FL. This must-see attraction is the largest science center in the southeastern United States. The museum features a children’s science center, a planetarium, an IMAX Dome Theater, many permanent and special exhibits, and more—plenty to excite any child—and the child in every adult.

Activities At The Museum Of Science And Industry

There are a number of activities available for those visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. We recommend allowing at least four hours for you and your family to explore the museum fully. After walking past the three-story-tall dinosaur skeletons in the lobby, you can check out the following activities:

  • IMAX Dome Theater: The IMAX Dome Theater in Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry is Florida’s only IMAX Dome Theater. Check out these specially produced IMAX films currently playing: To The Arctic, Flying Monsters, and Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs.
  • Kids In Charge: This is the children’s science center within the museum. Uniquely designed for children twelve and under, Kids In Charge encourages learning through play. Kids will love the experiments with weighted wheels, gravity, and momentum.
  • Saunders Planetarium: The Saunders Planetarium features a new projection dome and a state-of-the-art star projector, allowing you to see the night sky from any time, past, present, and future! Be sure to attend one of the mesmerizing star shows.

Location & Operating Hours

You’ll find the Museum of Science and Industry at 4801 E. Fowler Ave. in north Tampa. The museum is open every day of the year. You can visit the museum Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Admission

Ticket prices are $20.95 for adults ages 13 to 59, $18.95 for adults ages 60 and up, and $16.95 for children ages 2 to 12. With general admission, you’ll be able to visit the museum’s permanent exhibits, the children’s science center, see one show at Saunders Planetarium, and one standard film at the IMAX Dome Theater.

You can drive your family over to the museum in a minivan rental, and parking at the museum is just $4 per vehicle. If you are in need of a van rental, contact Carl’s Van Rentals at 1-800-565-5211.