Heading to West Palm Beach this summer for a Florida vacation? From the beautiful waves to the delectable seafood restaurants, this tropical oasis is home to countless attractions.

After relaxing in the sun for a few days, jump in your van rental and explore. Start with Peanut Island — a local favorite.

Peanut Island History

Located only four miles north of West Palm Beach, Peanut Island has an interesting history. It was supposed to be an integral part of a peanut oil shipping route in the 1940s. While these plans never came to fruition, the name “Peanut Island” stuck.  

Even though the peanut oil route fell through, this small island does have a claim to fame. President John F. Kennedy had a blast shelter and command post constructed on it after his election in 1960 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These structures still stand today. Call 561-832-7428 for information about tours.  

Enjoying Peanut Island Today

Far from its roots as a wartime shelter and a peanut oil terminal, Peanut Island is now a relaxing beach getaway. Visitors enjoy camping, sunbathing, fishing, swimming in the Intracoastal Waterway, and even snorkeling in an artificial reef lagoon.

Ready for an island retreat? Simply drive your West Palm Beach minivan rental to Riviera Beach. This area has several water taxis that transport people to and from the island.

West Palm Beach Transportation

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