Jacksonville FL Vacation TipsYou desperately need a vacation, some time away from the office or the same, old routine. However, you’re not made of gold and need to spend your vacation dollars wisely. Well, our crew at Carl’s Van Rentals of Jacksonville, FL, can help. Here are the top five ways we recommend that you vacation on a budget.

1. Set a budget.

Too many people try to limit spending only to return home and realize they blew through their bank account. Your first step in trying to save money is to know exactly how much you can afford and then allocate how you want to spend that money (housing, attractions, food, gas, etc.). A budget will help you stay accountable and avoid overspending.

2. Figure out what’s free.

You can find all kinds of lists out there of free things to do in Jacksonville. Just Google “free things to do Jacksonville”, and see what you can find. Make a list of some free activities and attractions that appeal to you, and plan your vacation around that list.

3. Pack your lunch.

You’d be amazed how much money you can save if you limit eating out. If you head out to the beach or to a Jacksonville park or attraction, bring your lunch with you. Plus, a picnic is always good fun and makes for great memories.

4. Always ask for the deal.

Whether you’re ordering pizza or booking a minivan, always ask whether they have any special deals, rates, or coupons. You may be surprised how much you can save just by asking.

5. Don’t spend a fortune on a van rental.

You need to get places, but don’t spend more than necessary. At Carl’s, we try to find the perfect blend between reliability, comfort, and affordability. We always offer rental specials above and beyond our competitive rates, and our customer service can’t be beat.

You can rely on Carl’s to help you save money and enjoy your vacation in Jacksonville, FL. Our fleet includes everything from minivans to 12-passenger vans to Sprinter vans; you’re bound to find a van that works for you. To reserve a rental, contact us at (904) 727-3848, or book online.


photo credit: budget form on desk – paperwork – office via photopin (license)