Are you ready to make memories that will last a lifetime during your Orlando vacation? Discovery Cove is an interactive aquarium where guests can swim with several types of fish and aquatic mammals. This park offers a one-of-a-kind experience, which allows guests to swim with dolphins and stingrays in an environment that is also a water park and resort. Visit one of the most unique attractions in Florida with your Orlando van rental.


Discovery Cove is located in Orlando, FL at 6000 Discovery Cove Way, and it is conveniently situated across from Sea World Orlando. It is also only a little over 10 miles from the Orlando International Airport and Carl’s Van Rentals’ Orlando location.

About the Park

Discovery Cove has a special admission process, with its park only allowing about 1,300 guests to visit per day. This allows visitors to freely move throughout the park without spending a significant amount of time waiting in lines. Due to this reservation process, it’s important to book your tickets in advance, as the 1,300 spots fill up quickly.

Much of the necessary equipment for swimming in the pools with the animals is provided by Discovery Cove. Swim vests, masks, snorkels, towels, beach chairs and sunscreen that won’t harm the animals are complimentary. Even free parking for your van rental, shower amenities, and food are all included with your day at Discovery Cove.


The various parts of the park are referred to as “Signature Experiences”. Among these is the Dolphin Swim Experience, where guests spend 30 minutes interacting with a bottlenose dolphin while assisted by a trainer. Other areas include Explorer’s Aviary, Serenity Bay, Wind-Away River, Freshwater Oasis, Grand Reef and SeaVenture.


Discovery Cove is open from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. daily with check-in beginning at 7:30 a.m.


Admission prices vary based on the day of week and time of year you are looking to reserve. In general, tickets range from $250 to $350 per person for one day. This price also includes unlimited access to Sea World Orlando and Aquatica for 14 days.

At Carl’s Van Rentals, we have vans of all sizes to help you transport your group to Discovery Cove or many other local attractions in Florida. A minivan rental is perfect for families on vacation, or we have passenger van rentals for larger groups. Contact Carl’s Van Rentals at (800) 565-5211 to reserve a van rental in Orlando for your next trip.