Every year around this time the famous Dr. Beach releases his list of the country’s best beaches. While most Americans are stuck working in office buildings, or spend the winter trying to survive freezing temperatures, Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman’s job is to travel across the United States, searching for the perfect combination of the softest sand, clearest water and enjoyable features.

In the next couple weeks he will be issuing the America’s Best Beaches list of 2012, for now we are going to praise some of our very own Florida state winners on the 2011 list. Last year the Sunshine State took three of the top ten places on Dr. Beach’s Best Beaches in America 2011 list, including first place. The Florida beaches that Dr. Beach would most recommend, you pack up your friends and family into a van rental, and travel too are Siesta Beach, St. George Island State Park, and Cape Florida State Park.

Florida’s Own Ranked Best Beaches in America


Cape Florida State Park: Located in Key Biscayne, Florida, Cape Florida State Park stole tenth place on Dr. Beach’s 2011 top ten list. The beach expert was in favor of the gentle surf and fine, white coral sand. He recommends you visit the Cape Florida Lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the beach’s horizon. If you are staying in the Jacksonville, FL area, when you reserve a van rental in advance, you can be out of our lot and at this beach in about 45 minutes.

St. George Island State Park: Almost directly across the state from Jacksonville, FL, where you can rent a number of travel options, like passenger van rentals, awaits the beach that took sixth place on Dr. Beach’s top ten list in 2011. He comments that the flawless white sands and crystal clear water, which surrounds St. George Island State Park, wasn’t at all effect by the unfortunate BP spill.

Siesta Beach: Less than an hour drive in a minivan rental from Tampa, FL, the first place winner of the 2011 top ten beaches list is Siesta Beach. Dr. Beach concluded that all of the things Siesta Beach boasts about-the warm, powdery, pure quartz crystal white sand, blue-colored tinted, nearly transparent ocean water, and the several beach amenities like showers, snack bars, picnic tables, etc., are all true. This beach surpassed the other beaches without a single complaint from the doctor.

If you want to blame a vacation to Florida on “doctor’s orders,” we’re okay with that! Just make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine at one of the hundreds of beaches Florida has to offer. For all your traveling needs contact Carl’s Van Rentals located all throughout the state of Florida, including the Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Jacksonville areas. We want to make sure you get to bring your whole family along to the beach so we offer a variety of sized van rentals, minivan rentals and passenger van rentals. Contact us today by calling 800-565-5211.