Across the state of Florida, sporting events are some of the most popular ways to get together. Carl’s Van Rentals is proud to offer our customers exclusive deals from many of our partners in the sporting events world. So, if you’re looking for an event to take the entire family to this summer, check out some of these amazing partners.

Take Advantage of Carl's Sporting Event Partners

National Training Center

Located in Orlando, FL, the National Training Center takes fitness and sport to a whole new level. Here you’ll find training for individuals and groups of all sizes, no matter the sport. This facility is a warm-weather destination for high school, college, professional, and amateur athletes from around the world. So, whether you’re looking to train for swimming, a marathon, or want to stay in shape for your sport, let Carl’s Van Rentals take you to the National Training Center. 


The Amateur Athletic Union is one of the most popular sporting clubs in the country. They have teams for various sports, including basketball, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, and more! They host events all across Florida, with several dates coming up in August. Thankfully, Carl’s Van Rentals has you covered with vans big enough for the whole team!

Greater Orlando Sports Commission

The Greater Orlando Sports Commission began in 1993 and has successfully hosted more than 1,500 events around the local community. Focused on growth and community involvement, this organization takes business impact into consideration when planning events. They also partner with AAU, hosting sporting events for all ages, as well as some professional ones. To check out what’s on the calendar, click here

We’ll Get You to the Next Event

No matter what sporting event you’re attending or where you’re training in Orlando, FL, Carl’s Van Rentals will get you there. Our 8-, 12-, and 15-passenger vans are perfect for teams of all sizes! So, let’s get your reservation on the books today when you call (407) 856-8866.