Business travelers to the Jacksonville area need a way to get into and around the city in an affordable, reliable, and dependable manner. Driving your own car is always an option, but why bother hauling it all the way to the city and back again, burning up fuel and placing wear and tear on the vehicle? Apps like Uber and Lyft can work, but they can often be expensive, especially at rush hour. Public transit is always an option, but it’s rather limited in the city. That’s why business travelers should trust Carl’s Van Rentals for a safe and reliable way to get around the city. Here’s a quick look at what Carl’s Van Rentals has to offer and a few of the city’s top amenities.

Jacksonville Van Rentals

Accessible, Reliable Van Rentals

Carl’s Van Rentals offers a convenient Jacksonville location with a wide selection of affordable van rentals to choose from, including passenger vans and minivans. As always, our Jacksonville location offers competitive pricing and a friendly, dedicated staff to assist you with renting the perfect van quickly and easily.

Easy Access to Local Amenities

Our comfortable, reliable rental vans offer easy access to the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center and the city’s bustling downtown area. In addition, we also make getting to Jacksonville International Airport, the city’s local Amtrak station, and many nearby major highways a breeze.

In addition, renting a quality van from Carl’s Van Rentals is a great way to enjoy the city’s multitude of attractions during your downtime, including Jacksonville Landing, Fort Caroline, the Museum of Science and History, the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, and many others.

Contact Us Today

Contact Carl’s Van Rentals today at (800) 565-5211 for more information about quality, economical van rentals in the Jacksonville area. When it comes to getting to your business appointments on time and on budget in and around Jacksonville, Carl’s Van Rentals is always the place to go.