Orlando, Florida, is a bustling city that’s far more than just a Disney World destination. Besides the entertainment and service industry, Orlando has a thriving business and nonprofit sector that attracts tens of thousands of workers each year. With warm weather, lots of entertainment options, and a vibrant restaurant scene, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to this city. And with any move, you need to have friends like Carl’s Van Rentals to help you out with a cargo van rental. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking of making the move to Orlando. 

Rent a Cargo Van for Your Move to Orlando


1. You’ll save big on theme parks!

The theme parks want local residents to fill the parks in between tourist hot seasons, so they offer steep discounts for locals who don’t mind a few restrictions about visit days. Look on the Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando websites for details. By the way, it’s a long-held Florida tradition to visit these parks when a hurricane is on the horizon. Theme parks still tend to stay open, while tourists vanish!

2. Take care of driving details.

Once you have a final address in Florida, remember to get your car registered and apply for a Florida state driver’s license. Moving is a great time to shop around for a better price on car insurance. So when you update your insurance policy, do some looking around. Depending on where you’re moving from, you might find some cheaper options locally. 

3. Small move? Hire a cargo move from Carl’s Van Rentals.

Carl’s Van Rentals provides cargo van rentals as a great solution for moving day. Easier to maneuver than a moving truck but more spacious than an ordinary car or van, a cargo van is the perfect moving solution. Our cargo vans seat two passengers and come equipped with an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and a V8 engine. We even offer some one-way rentals, and we never overbook. That’s how our customers always know they come first. Call us today at (800) 565-5211get your instant quote now, or make a reservation online.