The holiday season is in full swing around here. Some of us are still shopping for the perfect gifts, while others are making last-minute travel plans. If you find yourself doing the latter, then let’s talk! Carl’s Van Rentals has the perfect fleet of minivans up for grabs this holiday season. But we recommend snagging one of these early. Otherwise, you’ll be explaining to Grandma why you can’t make it to her Christmas Eve dinner. Here are three ways a minivan makes for a Merry Christmas!

Minivans Make for a Merry Christmas

1. More Elbow Room

Cramming the family into a car or SUV for a long road trip won’t make for a Merry Christmas. Cramped legs, touching elbows, and everyone within arm’s reach can make for a long and stressful journey, especially for the little ones. But when you rent a minivan, you give everyone more legroom and more space in their seats. You also have enough room for Fido!

2. Space for Gifts

Fitting luggage and space for all the gifts is always a headache, especially if you’re traveling a long distance. With a minivan, you’ll have room for it all. The ample cargo space in the back gives you plenty of space for suitcases, fragile gifts, and all the gift bags you can fit in there. You won’t have to worry about cramming gifts under seats or worry they’ll be trampled and ripped open.

3. Ease of Entry

While a minivan isn’t a first-class ticket, it is a much more affordable way to get around. Even with other modes of transportation, your group can feel crowded and cramped. But with a minivan, the entire family can come and go with ease. This makes getting in and out of the van at rest stops quick and easy on long road trips. Furthermore, if you’re traveling with elderly parents, a minivan is a great way to make sure they stay comfortable. 

Enjoy Every Moment

The holidays can be very stressful. That’s why Carl’s Van Rentals makes it easy to reserve a minivan, SUV, 11-passenger van, or Sprinter van in Jacksonville, FL. We know how important it is for you to spend time with family, so we encourage you not to wait to book with us! We never over-book, and our rentals are always guaranteed, so you know it’ll be here waiting for you. To learn more or to book a minivan, give us a call at (904) 727-3848.