Trying to find outdoor family fun that won’t break the bank while visiting Cocoa Beach? A kayak tour through Central Florida’s Space Coast might be exactly what you’re looking for. Sound interesting? Load the family up in your Cocoa Beach van rental and head out to Adventure Kayak for a tour through some of the best scenery the country has to offer.


Adventure Kayak has several different locations along Florida’s Space Coast for you and your family to visit with your Cocoa Beach van rental from Carl’s Van Rentals. The company has locations in Merritt Island, Manatee Cove, Kelly Park, Thousand Islands, and more.


Here’s a quick look at some of the tours you’ll be able to enjoy when you take your passenger or minivan rental to Adventure Kayak. If you’re a novice – don’t fret! Adventure Kayak provides lessons, gear, and bottled water for everyone.

Guided Eco-Tours: This tour takes you through the gorgeous Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands area. While on the tour, you’ll encounter lush mangrove tunnels, manatees, dolphins, several different bird species, and more. Eco-tours run for 2-2 ½ hours and are always led by an experienced kayak tour guide.

Moonlight Tours: On nights with a full moon, Adventure Kayak runs special evening kayak tours. The tours are offered 3 days before, the day of, and 3 days after a full moon. Check with the company for exact dates and times to enjoy this unique kayaking opportunity.

Group Tours: For large groups looking for outdoor aquatic fun, Adventure Kayak is more than willing to accommodate. They even provide discount pricing for big groups, so don’t be discouraged if you think taking your family on a kayak tour will deplete all of your vacation funds.


Adults: $30

Youth (4-17): $20

We know how overwhelming traveling with a large family can be. That’s why a Cocoa Beach van rental is perfect for the big family on the go. For more information on our exceptional van rentals or to reserve your van, contact Carl’s Van Rentals today at (800) 565-5211.