Many families are heading to Jacksonville, Florida this time of year for spring break. You look forward to a week of sun, warmer weather, and building fun, family memories. To help you do just that, our crew at Carl’s Van Rentals pulled together a few travel tips for you and your family.

Jacksonville FL

1. Keep an eye on the weather.

Many people assume that all Florida weather is created equal. That’s unfortunately just not so—especially when it comes to Jacksonville. This Florida travel destination has much to offer visitors, but you have to remember that it is on the northeastern point of Florida. During the spring months, you never know what kind of weather you might get, and a day at the beach may require a sweatshirt. So before putting on your tankini and heading out with the kids, take a peak at what’s in the forecast.

2. Look beyond the beach.

Yes, Jacksonville is located right on the coast. However, don’t miss out on several other local attractions that your family might love. We recommend that you check out the Jacksonville Zoo, Big Talbot Island State Park, the Jacksonville Museum of Science & History, and perhaps even the Jacksonville Downtown Art Walk. You can find something to do for all ages and interests.

3. Travel comfortably.

If you’re flying into Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), you’ll need a rental car to get you around town. However, don’t try to cram all your kids and your luggage into a compact car. Instead, book a minivan or passenger van rental that’s built for family travel. While you may pay a few bucks more, having enough space for everyone (and avoiding those “Jackson is touching me!” arguments) is well worth it.

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photo credit: public domain via pixabay