Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, especially when it comes to getting your venue set up and torn down. Thankfully, Carl’s Van Rentals has the perfect selection of spacious cargo vans to help you on your big day. But how can you pack the van to ensure you don’t forget anything? We’ve got a few suggestions on how to pack a cargo van for a wedding. Keep reading to learn more. How to Pack a Cargo Van for a Wedding

Make a List & Check It Twice

The first step to packing a cargo van efficiently is to list everything you need. This list should include things for the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the after-party. It’s best to start this list early and cross things off as you get closer to your date. This simple process will save you time, ensuring everything is packed and ready to go before your big day.

Use Appropriate Containers

The most important step in packing a cargo van is to invest in sturdy, high-quality containers. Items like glass vases, china sets, and wine bottles should be packed in containers that provide adequate cushioning and protection from bouncing around in the car when driving. Plus, high-quality containers will protect things from getting wet in the event of rain.

Load the Van Efficiently

The next step is to start loading your cargo van according to your list of wedding items. Start by filling the van from the front to the back, ensuring that all the heavy items are placed at the bottom and in the center of the vehicle. The primary reason for this layout is to protect the container contents from damage due to shifting.

Label Everything

If you want to quickly find everything you need when it is time for your wedding, label each stacking box. Labeling everything helps you stay organized for your big day and is a great last-minute cross-reference to your list to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Plan Your Big Day with Carl’s

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding in Orlando, FL, Carl’s Van Rentals would love to be a part of it! Our spacious cargo vans are perfect for this occasion, giving you and your bridal party plenty of room for all things décor. We also have a great selection of Sprinter vans and passenger vans should you need transportation for your bridal party. Get an instant quote or reserve your rental by calling us at (407) 856-8866.