You’re flying into Jacksonville, FL—and your van rental options seem a bit overwhelming. Just how do you know which van rental company to choose? How do you decide between a minivan rental and a 12-passenger van rental? Don’t despair. Here are a few questions you can use to determine the right van rental for your Florida trip.

1. What are your van rental priorities?

Before you choose a rental company, decide what’s important to you. You can make a list of things you value (low rates, service, professionalism, and so on), and then rank them in order of priority. You can then use this list to compare one van rental company to another.

2. What type of trip are you taking?

You may have different van rental needs if you’re on a business trip versus a family vacation. Some van rental companies (like Carl’s Van Rentals) appeal to a wide range of customers and offer a variety of van rental models. However, some companies supply only one type of van that may or may not meet your needs.

3. How many people are in your group?

Are you coming to Florida solo or with five kids in tow? Your group size can help you decide which type of van rental is best. If you and a few co-workers are attending a conference in Jacksonville, a minivan rental may be a great option. However, if you’re transporting your kid’s soccer team to the beach, you may want the biggest passenger van rental available.

4. What’s your budget?

Cost is a serious consideration. Know your budget before you go searching for a van rental so you don’t overspend. In addition to looking at rental rates, be sure also to pay attention to any van rental specials that the company offers. By answering these questions, you can feel more confident about which company and van rental you need for your trip to Jacksonville, FL.

Be sure to include Carl’s Van Rentals in your search for the right rental. We have a wide range of van rental options—from minivan rentals and cargo van rentals to 12- and 15-passenger van rentals. Plus, our company is based in Florida and prioritizes customer experience and service for every rental customer. To make a reservation or find out more about our rentals, contact Carl’s Van Rentals at (904) 727-3848 or fill out our online reservation request form.