Many people come to Miami for the beaches but don’t leave without visiting the Coral Castle Museum. This local attraction is a testament to one man’s undying love and untiring work ethic. A beautiful stone marvel, the Coral Castle is among the top picks for our staff here at Carl’s Van Rentals.

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Fun Facts about Coral Castle

The more you get to know about the over 1,000 tons of coral rock carved to become the Coral Castle, the more mysterious and intriguing it becomes. Here are just a few facts about this Miami destination:

  • The Coral Castle was built as a monument of one man’s love for a love that never came to fruition. Ed Leedskalnin, the creator of the Coral Castle, was Latvian born but moved to Florida in 1918. He built the Coral Castle as a testament of his love to former girlfriend Agnes, who never visited the castle even after completion.
  • Ed built the Coral Castle by hand, most of which was done in secret at night. No one quite knows how Ed created this stone masterpiece by hand, especially when he was a slight man standing about 5 foot tall and weighing around 100 pounds.
  • The Coral Castle took 28 years for Ed to complete.
  • This attraction was originally called Rock Gate Park and is listed on the National Historic Landmarks registry.

Getting There

The Coral Castle is located in Miami, FL, but visitors are instructed to search for Homestead as their city destination for a more direct route to the site. If you’re not from the Miami area, we recommend that you check out the Coral Castle website for travel instructions. The castle and museum are open Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Our team at Carl’s Van Rentals can also help you find the right van rental to help you get there. 

Miami Van Rental

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Photo credit: public domain via pixabay