Fort Lauderdale FLYou want to plan the perfect vacation to Fort Lauderdale, but money is tight. You want to cut loose, but you also don’t want to go home broke. Well, don’t sweat it. You can find plenty to do in Fort Lauderdale without having to spend your life savings. In fact, here are a few money-saving tips from our crew at Carl’s Van Rentals.

1. Set a budget.

The easiest way to overspend on vacation is failing to plan ahead. Create a budget outlining just how much you can afford to spend overall, and then break it down into categories such as travel, accommodations, meals, attractions, and so on.

2. Travel with friends.

The more you can split costs on van rentals, accommodations, and even meals, the better. Consider vacationing with friends or family members so you can divide expenses and make it more affordable for everyone.

3. Make your own meals.

Instead of planning to eat out on Las Olas Boulevard for every meal, consider preparing the majority of your meals (at least breakfast and lunch) on your own. If you go to the beach, take along snacks so you don’t have to purchase from pricey beachside vendors.

4. Search for deals.

Don’t pay top dollar for anything without at least looking for special discounts, coupons, or rewards. Often, you’d be surprised what type of special offers you can find on travel websites or directly on rental company websites. In fact, at Carl’s Van Rentals, we regularly offer deals on top of our already affordable rental rates.

With a little creativity and discipline, you can travel to Fort Lauderdale without going broke. These tips from our team should get you started.

To find out more about our affordable van rentals and special offers, contact Carl’s of Fort Lauderdale at (954) 525-8008. We’ll tell you all about our minivans, passenger vans, Jeeps, and more.


photo credit: msmariamad via flickr license