At Carl’s Van Rentals in Jacksonville, FL, we’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers. Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for some of our larger van rentals. So, we’re excited to announce our brand new 15-passenger mega-transit van rental option that’s now available. Here are some of its highlights.

Check Out Carl's New Mega-Transit Van

Massive Capacity

Packing a lot of people in a van also means packing in a lot of luggage. While all of our vans have plenty of room for luggage, capacity is sometimes limited depending on passenger count. But, with the mega-transit van, you don’t have to worry so much. Not only can this van transport as many as 15 people, but it can also transport 12-15 pieces of luggage. We’re talking about everything from large suitcases to duffles – Room is not an issue. 

High Ceilings

Headroom and space were also taken into account when we added this van to our lineup. In our efforts to be conscious of the fact that many of our customers are tall, we think this van solves that issue. With the high ceilings and doorways, your passengers won’t have to crouch down while getting out, and they can stand up inside. So, this van is perfect for sports teams, school clubs, and families with tall members. 

Comfortable Seating

With this van, we took comfort to a new level, investing in leather reclining seats, giving you the most comfortable ride of your life. We’ve all been on a long road trip where we wish we could lean the seat back and relax. Well, now you can with this mega-transit vehicle. Don’t worry though: There’s plenty of legroom between seats, so even with a reclined seat in front of you, you won’t feel cramped. 

Travel in Comfort with Carl’s

Your safety and comfort while traveling through or around Jacksonville, FL, is our top priority. So, when you need a van or SUV to meet your needs, give Carl’s Van Rentals a call at (904) 727-3848. Or feel free to get your instant quote on our website.