Florida is one of America’s favorite vacation destinations, but families don’t always know what to do once they get there. One activity you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy is visiting Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Busch Gardens is home to a number of different events including shows, rides, and animal encounters. Load the family into a minivan rental and head on over to Busch Gardens today.

Busch Gardens Activities

Rollercoaster Rides

Busch Gardens is well-known for its exhilarating rides. Take a trip on SheiKra, a floorless roller coaster. On SheiKra, you will begin by climbing 200 feet in the air to then be taken over the end of a 90-degree drop. You will then stop and find yourself staring straight down for four incredibly long seconds. Following your midair hang, the rollercoaster then drops to the ground at a rate of 70 miles per hour. A few other well-known rollercoasters at Busch Gardens are the Gwazi and Kumba. Spend the day riding them all and decide which one you like best.

Children’s Rides

If you have little kids, be sure to take them on the Rhino Valley ride. Rhino Valley is a jeep that goes through the wild sites of Africa. Other fun rides for children are the Cheetah Chase coaster and Stanley Falls, which is a river ride.

Animal Encounters

Busch Gardens is also famous for their up close animal encounters. Here you can see over 500 types of tropical birds, and to the Edge of Africa where you can view African animals in their habitats. Animals include hippos, lions, hyenas, lemurs, crocodiles, and vultures.

Visit Walkabout Way to see kangaroos, wallabies, and even kookaburras up close. Be sure also to walk through Myombe Reserve and watch gorillas and chimpanzees playing. If you would like to have a chance to have birds land on you, check out Lory Landing.

Busch Gardens’ Shows

The shows at Busch Gardens include Critter Castaways, The Mystic Sheiks of Morocco, and KaTongo. Also enjoy Kinetix, a modern-day rock experience. The shows are known for engaging the audience and attracting viewers of all ages.

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