Prepare yourself for a swashbuckling good time aboard the Black Sparrow Pirate Ship! This interactive treasure hunt in West Palm Beach, FL, is the perfect day activity for families looking for a more exciting excursion on their Florida vacation.

The ship docks at 200 East 13th Street in Riviera Beach, FL, at the Riviera Beach Marina, which can be easily reached in one of our West Palm Beach van rentals. Call Carl’s Van Rentals today at (800) 565-5211 and let us help get you mobile on your journey to become the premiere pirating family of the seven seas!

Your kids will have the time of their lives as members of the Black Sparrow crew. After taking the Black Sparrow oath, they’ll be full-fledged mini-mates. As credentialed members of the crew, the kids will assist the good Captain in salvaging stolen treasure from the dastardly pirate Jack and his crew on Peanut Island.

On the Black Sparrow, none of the kids will be left out. Each of the mini-mates will have a turn to ward off attackers with the ship’s massive water cannons. Young ladies shouldn’t feel discouraged from this high-seas adventure, either. Many infamous pirates were women and everyone is welcome aboard the ship.

Make sure to arrive at the marina 30 minutes before your scheduled pirate experience. This gives the kids plenty of time for dressing up in pirate garb, getting their faces painted and learning the buccaneer lingo they’ll be using on the voyage.

Joining up with the crew of the Black Sparrow is an adventure your kids won’t soon forget. The ship also does private charters for interested adults. Carl’s Van Rentals wants to make sure you get around West Palm Beach in style and comfort in one of our spacious passenger van rentals. Contact us today at (800) 565-5211 to reserve your van fit for a pirate king!