On your next Jacksonville vacation, don’t miss your chance to visit one of Florida’s best spots for nature lovers – Big Talbot Island State Park.

Big Talbot Island is located just 20 miles east of downtown Jacksonville, and can be easily reached in your Jacksonville rental van from Carl’s Van Rentals.

Big Talbot Island is a nature preserve that makes for many opportunities for fun activities for you and your family, and is open from 8:00 a.m. until sundown, year-round.


Hiking trails offer a great opportunity to take in Florida’s natural beauty on foot. Blackrock Trail takes hikers to the shoreline, Old Kings Highway leads to the maritime forest, and Big Pine Trail guides adventurers to the Big Talbot Island’s marsh.

Don’t forget your camera! The cross-section of ecosystems (shoreline, forest, marsh, etc.) featured at Big Talbot Island provides great opportunities for both seasoned and amateur wildlife photographers.

A wide array of animals to photograph can be found here. Animals such as, alligators, sea turtles, river otters, manatees, many different bird species, marsh rabbits and several more call this island home.

Picnic pavilions at the park are the perfect place to settle down with your family for a meal surrounded by untamed, Florida wilderness.

Boating is a popular pastime in any coastal area, and Big Talbot Island is no exception. Places to launch boats are located at the northern part of the island.

Boneyard Beach is a popular destination at Big Talbot Island. This beach is named for the live oak and cedar trees that have been continually bathed in seawater to the point of becoming skeleton-like.

Big Talbot Island is one of seven parks that make up the greater Talbot Islands State Park. If you can’t get enough of this scenic Florida area, visit all seven!

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