Got a Florida beach vacation coming up? Congrats! You’re in for some fun and memorable times! Whether you’re staying in Clearwater or Miami, the beach is one place where everyone can enjoy the sand, sun, and sea. But, before you head out the door, you need to make sure you have all the gear you need to make the most of your beach adventure. This guide will help you pack the essential beach gear your family will need to bring on vacation. Just don’t forget to book your SUV rental from Carl’s Van Rentals!

Beach Gear Essentials for Families

A Beach Umbrella

One of the first beach gear essentials you should consider when packing for the beach is shade. This is especially true if you have young kids who will need some shelter from the sun. Look for an umbrella that is easy to set up and comes with a carrying case. You’ll want one that’s sturdy enough to withstand the wind and the occasional sea gust. A beach umbrella provides not only cover from the sun but also serves as a central base for your beach day activities.

Beach Towels

You can’t go to the beach without a towel, but you don’t just need any ordinary towel. Look for beach towels that are large, quick-drying, and sand-resistant. The last thing you want is to end up with a sandy towel that feels scratchy and uncomfortable. Even the kids won’t enjoy that after a long day at the beach. Also, don’t forget to pack a few extra towels just in case you need them.

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are definitely on the list of beach gear essentials. These come in many styles, sizes, and materials, but you want one that is lightweight, portable, and comfortable. You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in these chairs, so you want one that won’t make your back hurt. Look for chairs that are easy to fold and unfold and come with a cup holder or a storage pocket.

Beach Cooler

A cooler is an essential piece of beach gear for families to bring on vacation. Even if you’re only spending a day at the beach, it’s important to have a way to keep your food and drinks cool in the hot sun. From sandwiches and snacks to cold water and soda, having a good cooler will make sure that all your refreshments stay fresh throughout the day. 

Beach Toys

Finally, if you have kids, you know that they love playing in the sand and creating sandcastles. So, don’t forget the beach toys! These will keep them entertained for hours. You can pack a bucket, a shovel, a rake, and some molds. You can also bring some Frisbees, beach balls, and boogie boards for some fun in the water. Choose toys that are easy to clean and won’t break easily. Avoid bringing anything with small pieces or sharp edges.

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