Groups travel to Florida every year for events like spring break, destination weddings, and conventions. With the exceptions of honeymoons and business trips, a large group of friends and family accompany the majority Florida vacationers. In these cases we would recommend instead of forming a small vehicle caravan, you reserve one of a variety of possible van rentals. If you already have a small vehicle, or several, you may be wondering what the advantages of reserving a van rental and if it is worth it. We for believe it is for the following reasons.

Van Rental Advantages

  1. Several people, one place: We offer a variety of different van rentals including minivan rentals and passenger van rentals. Some of our passenger van rentals can fit up to 15 people. These large van rentals are perfect for school fieldtrips, Boy Scout outings, sporting events, and wedding parties. If there are a limited number of chaperones available minivan rentals and passenger van rentals are a great way to keep large groups of children in one place.
  2. Eco-friendly: Believe it or not, traveling in in one large passenger van rental is more fuel-efficient than traveling in several smaller cars. Filling up multiple vehicles with gas, is not only expensive but also, emits carbon into the atmosphere, which is believed to be one of the causes of Global Warming. Not only does filling up one vehicle and transporting a large group of people reduce the amount of gas needed and carbon released into the atmosphere, it also saves you money! Passenger van rentals usually cost lest to fill with fuel, than a fleet of small vehicles.
  3. Leg room and storage space: Even if you have every seat filled, your passengers will have more leg room and sitting space in a large van rental than they would in a smaller vehicle. Passenger van rentals are made with the extra space because they are meant to transport several people to a variety of distances. There is also added space in the back for luggage and storage. This is perfect for friends and families going on a long trip, or for those who tend to over-pack; it allows everyone to bring almost everything they’d like.

When you rent a van from Carl’s Van Rentals you are taking the first step to planning the perfect getaway for all your family and friends. Van rentals, minivan rentals and passenger van rentals allow you to bring up to 15 people along for the ride in a more eco-friendly, cost efficient and spacious vehicle. To reserve your one of our several van rentals contact us today by calling 800-565-5211.