There comes a time when just about every business needs a cargo van. Whether it’s for a quick delivery to a client or to transport precious cargo to an event venue, reliable transportation is a must. Most businesses don’t own a fleet of vans, so they turn to Carl’s Van Rentals when they need transportation in a pinch. Here are some examples of businesses that might need one of our vans.

5 Businesses That Could Use a Cargo Van

1. Local Bands

While most big-name bands have their own tour buses and vans, local bands do not. That’s why they need a little help getting to and from shows as they tour. If you’re going to be on the road with the band for an extended period of time, then renting a cargo van for all of your sound, lighting, and musical equipment is the best route to take. You can ration the space needed for all the band members’ equipment and have plenty of room for luggage. 

2. Caterers

If you have a catering business, you need a vehicle with enough room for all of the food and serving equipment. If you’re a small business, you may not have the budget to own multiple vans, which makes renting your best option. When you choose to rent cargo vans for your catering business, you’ll not only save money on van maintenance, but you’ll also have a reliable mode of transportation when you need it. 

3. Florists

Delivering flowers can easily be done with a cargo van rental. Some floral arrangements require larger spaces that regular minivans don’t have. Our cargo van interior height makes it easy for you to accommodate large bouquets for receptions, quinceaneras, and other events around your area. You might also get a special request for a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, which means you’ll need reliable transportation to carry everything you need to the event. 

4. Movers

If your moving company is new, and you don’t have all the vans and trucks necessary for moving a large household, then rent a couple of cargo vans. You might also find yourself in a pinch if some of your moving vans are in the shop and you still need to accommodate customers. Renting vans is a great way to still meet the demand for your moving services. Cargo vans hold more than you think, which means you could make a move in one trip. 

5. Outdoor Recreation

Does your business provide tourists with outdoor recreation activities, such as biking, snorkeling, or kayaking? Then, you’ll love the option of a cargo van rental. Hauling your outdoor equipment back and forth from the beach to the shop to storage can be challenging when you don’t have the right vehicle. Cargo vans have enough room for all of your outdoor equipment. If you don’t need a van regularly, then renting one will save you a good chunk of change. 

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