The beach, the sun, the sand—what’s not to love about West Palm Beach? Many people just like you choose this Florida city as their vacation mecca year after year. However, to make the most of your visit, our crew at Carl’s Van Rentals recommends that you book a Jeep rental, and here’s why.

Jeep Rental1. Maximize your fun.

Looking for a way to boost the fun factor on your next trip to West Palm Beach? You can put the top down and have a good time with a Jeep rental from Carl’s. You can’t find many rental vehicles that say “fun” more than a Jeep. 

2. Don’t hide from the sun.

You came to West Palm Beach to get some sunshine, and there’s no reason to stop when you climb into your car rental. With a Jeep rental from Carl’s, you can remove the soft, convertible top and let the sunshine pour in from dawn until dusk.

3. Enjoy the salty sea air.

Love the smell of the ocean? Soak it in as you ride around in your Jeep rental. Even if you don’t go to the beach, you can feel like you’ve been there.

4. Do something out of the norm.

Every day, you drive something sensible. You go to work in your sedan, you pick up the kids in the minivan, or you head to the grocery store in your pickup truck. Why not mix it up while on vacation by renting a Jeep?

Have we convinced you that the ideal vacation car in West Palm Beach is a Jeep from Carl’s? If so, get on the phone today with our West Palm Beach location! You can contact us at (561) 469-9200 to find out more or to make a reservation. You can also book online anytime.


photo credit: Josh MacDonald via flickr license