When it’s time to book a rental from Carl’s Van Rentals, many people first look at the price and then check the vehicle specifications last. Saving money on your rental lowers your vacation or business trip expenses. That’s why so many people assume a van is the way to go. While we do have great van options, we also have affordable and eco-friendly SUVs that just might fit your family and budget a little better. Here are several benefits you’ll enjoy with an SUV rental.

4 Benefits of an SUV Rental

1. Handling

An SUV is often more comfortable to drive than a big cargo or Sprinter van. That’s why many choose this type of rental. You’ll also be able to navigate sudden Florida rainstorms easily since an SUV comes with larger tires and deeper treads. Handling an SUV is similar to handling a mid-sized sedan. This maneuverability means you’ll enjoy a tighter turn radius and can easily park wherever you want, similar to driving a car. 

2. Visibility

If you like the idea of a van because it sits up high, but don’t like how big it is, then one of our SUV rentals is perfect for you. SUVs sit up higher, giving you more visibility of your surroundings. This increased visual of the road makes driving safer and allows your passengers to get a better view of all the wonderful Florida landscapes. 

3. Gas Mileage

One significant benefit of choosing an SUV over a van is the gas mileage. While all of our vehicles do well on the highway, SUVs get better city mileage rates than big vans. The mileage you’d expect from a car rental is about what you’ll get with one of our SUVs. This means you save both on the price of a rental and the gas it takes to get you to and from your destination. 

4. Storage & Comfort

Last but not least, renting an SUV means you’ll enjoy larger storage space as well as enough room to stretch your legs. Depending on how you choose to pack your SUV, you can also get easy access to your belongings, such as a cooler or snacks, without compromising legroom or overhead space. The larger rear trunk space also means you can pack your luggage without obstructing the rearview and side mirrors. 

Book Your SUV Today

Are you looking for a safe, durable, and reliable vehicle for your trip out of Jacksonville, FL? Then contact Carl’s Van Rentals to check on the availability of our SUVs. We are dedicated to helping you have an eco-friendly, affordable vacation, which means we’ll help you find the best rental for your trip. If you’re looking for something bigger than an SUV, we also have minivans, 15-passenger vans, and Sprinter vans for rent. Reserve your rental online or give us a call today at (904) 727-3848