Ah, the beach- sandcastles, sunshine, and waves. What could be better? That is, unless you’re the parent responsible for making sure everyone has everything they need, knows where they are supposed to be, and is ready when it’s time to head to the beach. The truth is family vacations can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Carl’s Van Rentals makes sure you have a smooth ride with these 3 tips for managing the logistics of a family beach vacation.

3 Tips for Managing the Logistics of a Family Beach Vacation

1. Plan Ahead

The key to managing a successful family vacation is to plan ahead. You’ll need to decide on a destination and book accommodations, create a packing list, and plan your itinerary. Make sure you factor in the time it takes to pack, travel, and unpack. If there are specific events or attractions you want to visit, book tickets and make reservations in advance to ensure that you can fit them into your schedule.

2. Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule for your family vacation can help you stay organized and enjoy your trip. Consider creating a daily itinerary that includes beach time, meals, and planned activities. This will help everyone know what to expect and ensure that you’re able to do everything you want to do. Be sure to include some downtime in your schedule so you’re not constantly on the go. After all, you are on vacation!

3. Pack Light

When packing for a beach vacation, it’s tempting to bring everything you own. However, this can lead to excess baggage and more frustration. While all of our vans can accommodate all your luggage needs, you really don’t need much when staying on the beach. So, instead, pack light and only bring essentials. You can also save space by sharing items like sunscreen or beach towels.

Book a Rental

No vacation in Jacksonville, FL, is complete without a way to get to the beach. So, make sure you include your minivan rental from Carl’s Van Rentals as a part of your planning logistics. Traveling with a larger group? No problem! We also have amazing Sprinter vans and 12-passenger vans for all your transportation needs. So, get an instant quote online or give us a call at (904) 727-3848.