Minibus rentals from Carl’s Van Rentals are a great way to transport large groups of people for school functions and events. Our minibusses can hold up to 15 passengers comfortably, which means less hassle and worry for the organizers. So, let’s take a look at the three most common school events we help support through reliable and comfortable transportation.

3 School Events that Require Minibus Rentals

1. Sporting Events

School sporting events are a great way for students to come together and support their classmates. A minibus rental from Carl’s Van Rentals can help make this experience even better by providing safe and reliable transportation for everyone involved. With plenty of room for equipment and athletes, our minibusses can get everyone to and from the event without any trouble. Plus, our buses are easy to drive, making them easy to maneuver through city streets and parking lots.

2. After-School Club Competitions

Many schools have after-school clubs that compete against each other in a variety of activities. If your school district doesn’t have the funds or manpower to use a large school bus, then a rental for the club may be your best choice. Additionally, if the club is smaller in numbers, a minibus rental just makes more sense. It’s also a great place to promote comradery and spark new ideas, as everyone can chat on the way to and from the competition.

3. Class Field Trips

School field trips are a great way for students to learn and explore the world around them. However, organizing transportation for a large group of students can be difficult. That’s why a minibus rental from Carl’s Van Rentals is such a great option. Our rentals make trip planning much simpler and eliminate the need for multiple vehicles. Plus, our buses are comfortable and equipped with all the amenities you need for a successful field trip.

Plan Ahead and Rent Today

If you’re in charge of planning the next sporting event, club competition, or class field trip, then turn to Carl’s Van Rentals. Not only do we have a fleet of minibusses, but we also have a wonderful fleet of 12- and 15-passenger vans. So, plan your transportation around Orlando, FL, by getting your quote from us today at (407) 856-8866.