When your team needs to travel together for a business conference or to see a client in Orlando, FL, they need a reliable vehicle to get there. While everyone could pile into a co-worker’s SUV, traveling this way doesn’t give you all the room and advantages that come with renting a Sprinter van. If you have an upcoming work trip, then it’s time to reserve your Sprinter van from Carl’s Van Rentals, and here’s why.

3 Reasons to Rent a Sprinter Van for Business Trips

1. Conduct Meetings

When you’re on the go with your coworkers, there will probably come a time when you need to conduct a meeting. Whether you’re doing a virtual call with business partners or convening with each other inside the vehicle, a Sprinter van gives you all the room you need to include everyone, just like you would in a conference room. You can take it a step further and hire a driver for your rental so that everyone on your business trip can be involved in meetings that happen while on the road. 

2. Save Money

When you choose a Sprinter van that’s big enough for the whole team, you can save your company some serious cash. If you’re traveling within the state of Florida, you can also save money on flights for the whole team simply by renting one large vehicle. This also prevents lost baggage at the airport and gives executives of your company the chance to travel in privacy that a plane or other public transportation doesn’t provide.

3. Bonding Time

All work and no play for coworkers can really put a damper on the entire organization. However, when employees travel together in a van rental, they can easily have some fun on the drive time and bond with one another. Some business people use this time to share their work experiences and develop innovative business ideas, while others prefer to have more casual, non-work related conversations to build deeper relationships and trust. Either way, the time spent in your Sprinter van rental will be priceless for workplace comradery. 

Book Your Business Trip 

Booking your next business trip is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Carl’s Van Rentals. We have high-class Sprinter vans waiting to take you and your team wherever you need to go. We proudly serve businesses throughout Orlando, FL, and we also have a great fleet of minivan rentals, 11-passenger van rentals, and minibus rentals. Request your quote today by calling (407) 856-8868.